Can Some One From the East Coast Give me the ADX files from the Marvel Finals

I love that mix so Demon Hyo, Preppy somebody if the have that mix can they send me the ADX Files my email is i dont have sound recorder on my computer i cant make custom sound tracks its probably because my windows is not genuwin…lol :lovin:

Opening Introduction - The Eyes of Truth (The Matrix)
Character Selection - Get Yourself Up (KRS One)
Pirate Ship Stage - Sneak Chamber (Samurai Champloo)
Desert Stage - The Chase (hotwheels)
Factory Stage - Born to roll (Masta Ace)
Carnival Stage - PARANOIA Survivor Mix (Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix -Extreme-)
Bridge Stage - Sidecar - Escape From The Fortress (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
Blue Underground Caves Stage -You Gotta Case (Barry White)
Clocktower Stage - Burly Brawl (Matrix Reloaded)
Ice River Stage- Shipyard (Star Control II)

This is the whole list of songs used at Evo East and i think Evo Worlds recent final 8 but i think im wrong.

Thanks! i need to know how to turn up the volume without sound recorder

i can get all of those song i think i have most of them im a hop hop head so the master ace and that krs one and J Dilla originals i have all that stuff i just cant turn up the volume on my ADX Files if any body knows how are another program that will let you let me know i dont want to half to reinstall windows

i thought your supposed to turn up the volume while the music files are in still in wav format.

Edit:Can’t you just increase the wav formatted songs using Sound Recorder?

Thats the problem

for some reason sound recorder didnt install so i dont have it yes you are suppose to do it when it is in wav my fault