Can some one list infinites for XvsSF

post me a link or something or just list them but I NEEEEEEDDSS Them!!!

yeah but i would guess u would have to search like hell right for em’
I would like some fro magneto, i’ve gotten 40something with him so far but my dashing isn’t staying correct. but it’s probably my execution.

I want some for mag’s, wolverine, and rogue.

Thanks dood!

since i dont know your skill level, here is some easy one.

in corner… ,, /\ sj.lp,,,,, drill claw up/forward,, / /\ [,,]<-- repeat that

there is also heaps of other setups for it, another easy on is just do his super, the qcf+2p one, then do the infinite rep i put in brackets.

[d.s.lp,] <— repeat

[/\, sj.d+hk /] <—repeat *cant be done on chun, cammy or wolv.

Steal Juggernaut by kissing him or super, then while you got him in the corner just keep repeating earthquake, qcf+k, or if hes not in the corner just do the [d.s.lp,] inf reps to get them there.


[, hyper grav] <—repeat (this works on ryu, ken, akuma, chun, cammy, wolverine) if you want to do it to any character you will need to do [hypergrav, ad/,, hypergrav]

in corner… [launch, /\ sj.lp, sj.d+lk (keep repeating it all the way down until you nearly land back on the floor) befor you land)/] <— repeat

anyway if you allready knew these ill post some harder one or links you too some combovideos.

The original [, hypergrav] will work on heavier characters too, but the timing is much more precise and is limited to the corner. Once you have your opponent in the hypergrav, you have to wait until it wears off and they start flying away before you do the However, because the timing is so precise, it is not really all that practical. It works on all characters except Juggernaut.

thanks toxy let me practice these and then i’ll post back. js yeah hyper grav is weird.

charlies infinite, easyiest one please -_-

didnt you read what i said, i was telling him easy infinites that would be easy to do for a begginer.

no , fuck no …sabretooth infinite is way tooo Fucking easy .

jump up foward and do hp and hk on a standing character over and over again with sabretooth it only works on characters that aren’t too short (it will not work on shotos and a few others but it will work on most marvel characters that are not wolverine)

Come to “the piss people on kaillera off” side

Depends which one you are better at, fast execution or timing.

Throw in corner, move forward a step, then jump up, lp, mp, hp, hk, repeat. Space out as much as possible

Anywhere on map Launch, sj.lp, XX MK razor kick, sj.jab, land, launch, repeat. You have to cancel really fast.

But really, charlie’s infs are boring.

For SDouble, magz has too many infs. With mags I wouldn’t know what you would classify as an inf, since he is so verstaile in his combos, you can link so many varieties of combos that you could kill them without getting an exact repetition of a combo back in again. After playing around with magz for awhile you’ll get what I mean. Just link stuff together with gravs and super jump cancels.

But seriously, look for infs in the other thread. Lots of stuff there. This thread should be locked so everyone can ask stuff in the same thread

what about cyclops and gambit’s infinits

Corner HP grab jump lp, mp, pause for around half second and hp. Now you land and jump back up and repeat lp, mp, hp.