Can somebody edit this avatar?

Hey, so I REALLY loved this avatar back in the day, and now that I can have a decently sized avatar again, I’d really appreciate it, however…

  1. I don’t have these fonts anymore, and
  2. I don’t really want to edit it because I wont ever be satisfied with my work on it. (OCD)

Can somebody edit this and replace the name with my current name? (Doesn’t have to be the exact font)

and the PSD file is here:

IF you can somehow use the Blanka found in this one, I’d be even more grateful. I haven’t a shit and clue as to where to get that sprite though.

For those who may be taking a stab at this:

STreak, you’re good at PS… why not hook a dude up?

Because I’m lazy. :lol:

If you had the original image, I could actually try to go for something close to the new av size limits.

I might. I’ll check it out when I get home. :wink: