Can Somebody Make Me Avatrs

Can somebody make me avatars with magz together with my name CapCom_jeff…tnx

to:automatic- how you post your avatrs in your thread??? pls. rply me bak. CapCom_jeff

im new of this stuffs and i read some threads that it takes 2 days to make the avatrs??? is that ryt?

I think this is not in your profile. You want to request in this thread… tnx… CapCom_jeff

i made one just for you :slight_smile:


K, sorry, pls send me seriously…tnx


you are a friendster???

Im a friendster men. add me in your friends…tnx

where you from?

yo u want me 2 give it a go aswell?

thanks men

But how to attached it??? i dont know how to paste.

Is it to paste or go to your profile?how? pls. help me…


thanks men

Down below where it says “Submit Reply” above should be “Rate This Thread” and then “Attach File.”

to; you

tnx men…Can u giv m some avatars??? tnx… athanasy