Can somebody shrink this down for me?

Premium size is fine and put “Cut that bitch off!” some where in it.

I really appreciate it. Thanks.

aww hell naww…

takes a closer look


that’s that one negro!

I guess you guys don’t do that any more. Thanks anyway.

Just give it some time. Spirit of truth is the shit. I can do it, but it’ll be basic as fuck.

I think that guy in the pic shanked me in the back of a bar one time. (no homo)

i know this isn’t exactly a resize, but:

Good lookin’ out. Not exactly what I was goin’ for, cause I wasn’t talking about his hair, but that shit is funny. Hell, if you co uld take it, stop the animation and just have it say “cut that bitch off” right below his chin it would be perfect.

God damn, that pic is HILARIOUS.

Thank you, Str[e]ak.

oh woops. didn’t realize you responded to the thread.

i’ll get right on it.

.[not so ninja edit].

something like either of these?

Animated - 1

Animated - 2

i didn’t like the quality on this one:

Animated - 3

streak not to sound like a dick but i think your to advance i think he jsuted wanted a headshot with cut that bitch off O.O

well, the first time around, i didn’t know what the “cut that bitch off!” was for (i thought it was for the guy’s ridiculously long hair). so, that’s why i went with the animation.

but, this time, he just told me to cut the animation under the chin, so that’s what i did.

Reading comprehension FTW. He said stop the animation (as in, NO ANIMATION) and put “cut that bitch off” below the chin. Not your fault…he needed some commas.

I don’t even know why I’m reading this thread, but that pic is wack lol.

:u: oh… lol. my bad. :sweat:

i’ll work on it when i get back.

.[not so ninja edit].

like this?

:d: not a problem.

EXACTLY. Hilarious. lol Thanks.

who…what the hell is that?

:wonder: Don Vincent [Reverend X]:

He has a show called the One Man Show [Spirit of Truth]… dood.