Can someone analyze my matches?


I actually suck at this game, seeing I lost over 20 times and only 6 or 7 matches, so I decided to post my somewhat decent matches (some affected by lag). I will post more later.



I guess you have an idea of what you want to do, although you seem to have taking the whole zoning thing to new and exciting heights with the literal backdashes to the corner. You only seem to use one button[some version of HK] which bizzarely CHs everyone. I guess what I want to suggest is that you should play safer and more consistently. You pulled these matches out since the other guy more or less ran into everything [not to discount your reactions] but staying grounded, not so easily giving up spacing, punishing things with more damaging combos, using faster and + moves[no :O] and such will improve your consistency.


For the first match, you should ask yourself why you let Sakura of all characters win the fireball game… Rose has good fireballs (use lp, the others are usually too slow) and soul reflect and gives big trouble to anyone who tries to use fireballs against her. The way you played, it’s as if Rose were the one in that matchup who has to get in to do damage instead of Sakura. That’s not right. :slight_smile: Rose can just poke (Good ones include mp,, the slide, occasional sweep I guess, fireballs) bait and punish jumpins to keep Sakura out and she really has no way to do any damage until she figures out a way to get close. If you think such strategies are lame, you’re playing the wrong character.

The best positioning for Rose is usually pretty far away from the opponent, but that doesn’t mean you need to be at fullscreen distance all the time. Stop backdashing when you have no reason to, and instead walk forward a bit. Try to find and maintain the spots where you can react and punish any jumpins, where your pokes are effective, and where you can throw fireballs with little risk of getting jumped in… or where you can fake throwing one to make them jump at you so that you can punish.

Your biggest combo was a jumpin hk into sweep. Try replacing that with jumpin hk into c.hp or canceled into soul spiral, for starters. Then try to start landing it without a jumpin, usually as a punish. :stuck_out_tongue: Then you can try learning Rose’s BnB hitconfirm combo which is c.lp xx soul spiral, but the is a 1-frame link so you will miss it a lot if you don’t practice enough.


you scored knock downs near the corner then ran away.


For some reason you keep backdashing to fullscreen distance, sometimes even putting yourself in a corner. Don’t be afraid to play the footsies game, you seem to entirely avoid being at mid-range. You rely too heavily on RH and should try to utilize the other buttons, and you should definitely learn your frame traps to land better damage close-up. You seem to love dash-up throws, but you don’t have to dash in twice, they’re pretty heavily telegraphed.


you need to not be afraid of putting on offense. I suspect when the user above me tells you to play the footsies game, that you may not know what he means, make sure you research this stuff. Street Fighter IS defensive, but not THAT defensive…


Turtling does not mean they dont know how to play…


Take time to practice in the practice mode & make sure you learn how to do some of Roses combos.
You also have to be more confident when performing the Soul Reflect.

Good luck =)


I would advise checking out the Rose forums or perhaps placing your vids there to critique.
It will be better served than having it here where you may not get character-specific advice.

Good luck.


^ What he said. The best place to post this is in the Rose forums. There you can get better advice as to what you should and shouldn’t have done during that match seeing as they main her and know the most about her.

Anyway I don’t know much about rose but I did see a few things during the Sakura match (Rufus match didn’t work for me).

Unless I missed a certain part of the vs. Sakura match, I didn’t see you use Soul Spiral at all. There were a few spots where this would’ve been more effective than a footsie.

Almost every time that you knocked down Sakura, you would dash away from her. When you knock down your opponent, you want to stay on them so that they have less of a chance to kick your ass.

Blocking. The simplest tactic to do and yet one of the most effective. Plenty of times during the match, you gave him free damage when you could’ve just blocked, especially during the second round when you let him hit both his super and his ultra. Don’t be afraid to block.

Again, go to the Rose forums to find out ways to improve your game. The people here can make learning a character feel simple.