Can someone answer a quick ? about a bat top?

For a bat top stick (or any stick in general, I guess), such as the stock part for the SF: AC stick, where are the electronic circuits located? For example, are there are any electronic circuits in the top part (the bat top itself)? It seems like there’s a tube, and a plastic bat top is just placed on top of it to allow movement of the guts. Also, could I somehow remove the bat top and replace it with a gumball type? (If there are no electric parts in the bat top)

There are no electric circuits in the actual bat. Hence why there are microswitches and an actuator on the bottom.

As for changing bat to ball, it depends on what kind of stick you are using. For a Happ Competition stick there are custom ball tops that would replace the bat stick entirely. If you have that SFAC stick you would have to replace the whole thing.

Obviously you have no knowledge of the components involved. No, there’s nothing INSIDE the bat top, the switches are inside a plastic case mounted underneath the top of the stick. To replace the top, you’d have to buy a Sanwa or seimitsu and sacrifice everything but the shaft and top. I bet it won’t even fit. I think what you are looking for is a replacement joystick, something like a sanwa or seimitsu. Since you obviously don’t know how to do it yourself, I’d recommend leaving it if it isn’t that important to you, or asking a stick builder or modder to do the switch for you. Hell, I could do it if you want.
read this so you know what the difference between sticks is, too.

Check this out for getting a ball-top on a Happ.

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I guess New Yorkers are expected to be this way? I wasn’t insulting him, I was just saying he doesn’t know how it works, which is apparent by his question. No offense intended.

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ON topic I believe there are replacement shafts where you dont have to mod. I dont know what type of stick its for tho american of course.

Yeah I saw that you’d offered to help him, but I couldn’t help but notice the blunt language.

Anyway, I dig those “pear” tops for sale at SlikStik. Pricey, but nice. I’d never seem any like that before.

So the entire shaft has no electric parts at all?

YES. No electronics, just a piece of metal with some plastic on top.

so how can you remove the stock and replace it with the happ competition stick ive never modded a stick b4 i just want to knnow the tools for only changing the joysticks

Alright, I will answer this one last thing. You’ll need a screwdriver. I am pretty sure the SFAC has connections soldered straight onto the micro switches, so you will need a soldering iron, and quick disconnects. All you have to do is heat the solder connecting the wire to the switch and take it off. Then you crimp on the quick disconnects. Then unscrew the stock stick, and screw in the new one. Then connect the switches to the ‘NO’ on the new microswitch. I don’t remember how the grounds are setup, but I’m sure somebody does. any way, that’s it.