Can someone break down kara taunting?


Like how you absorb a fireball and immediately taunt. I don’t know how to Kara anything so if someone can break it down I would appriciate it.


It’s really easy you just slide your fingers immediately from mp+mk to hp+hk but you can only cancel the focus on the first frame so you have to activate the focus at the moment the fireball hits you. You can’t be charging a focus from distance then cancel it.


Thanks! Sounds fairly easy.


First Frame: You press MP+MK
Second/Third Frame: Fireball Connects, it’s absorbed, you press HP+HK
Following Frames: Taunt.

Make sure you don’t kara before the fireball connects, or you’ll cut off your Focus Attack’s armor before it does it’s job.


i do it super easy by settting the one button on my controller for focus attack then another buttion for taunt, you i am only plinking 2 buttons instead of 4