Can someone clear this up for me?

im not a gouken player, but this seemed very interesting to me


now what im talking about is at 0:17

he parrys the fireball, but then does a low parry to cancel out the explosion part that he would have gotten punished for, can someone explain how this is done. i tried like 2-3 times in training mode, and couldnt get it to werk like how i looks, so can someone verify how this is done

It’s Goukens Kara Counter. Input is: DP motion, any P, any K(or reverse if you want to go low high).

The punch and kick need to follow each other near immediatly and need to be pressed a fraction before you get hit by whatever you want to absorb.

Works great on folks that like to trap with fb or projectile on wakeup and then try to attack hi or lo. Ie. Guile sonic follow, or dhalsim fb to any normal fp, cr.fp. Just make sure you are countering the right one first, either hi or lo. Some sim players and especially the Akuma players don’t expect a kongo canc kongo on wakeup. If they throw double jumping fb land and try sweep as you wakeup, try ex kongo canc ex kong. After to hit em with this you’ll want to dash twice towards them, if timed correctly you can beat them as they wakeup.

double kongo. Its only practical use is for building revenge and super meter

I thought the same of the dbl kongo as well in vanilla. Haven’t studied it too much in ssf4. However I will stand by its insurmountable effectiveness vs the projectile frame trappers.

A hi to lo or lo to hi vs any sim , guile , akuma definitely makes them rethink the prohectile frame trap approach. Vs sim and akuma opponents whom may tend to time everything so it hits you at once rendering any good dbl kongo useless hi to lo or vice versa, but an ex kongo canc ex kongo will handle that shit. Except for ex green hand.

too risky. your setting yourself up to take more damage than you want to. better off just countering the projectile or just blocking all together. because if guile throws a sonic boom. he can, low forward, standing fierce, forward fierce, or just plain grab. if you guess wrong. you take alot more damage. and at high level play. it always pays off more to play it safe

During a projectile frame trap your opp knows your trying to block it all that’s why they wait for the throw opportunity at the end. In sims’s case he crosses us up midway, guile can wait for the animation to slow down then he can pick from any of the openings avail, akuma will throw the diag. fb or fb’s, land wait , either dbl roundhouse and then sweep or dash throw or cross up , and just as we try to mash out that ultra or kongo , he will sweep then vortex. By getting the dbl’s down you are not only ensuring survival from these traps , but you are also shocking the Hell outta your competition, by not only demonstrating some shit they aint seen, you can hear it when they" what the f…" , use this as a surprise mechanism, then dash,dash and jump right on top of their heads and take your pick as to how to bash em !

again impractical. If hes doing a air fireball towards you you can take much safer and more rewarding options. if he does an air firball towards you you can parry the fireball. Dealing damage to him as he lands. you can also ex tatsu, the invincibility frames will save you from the fireball(if hes close enough.) Or you can ultra him with shin shoryu. Using double kongo in there is very impractical and risky, not to mention down right stupid honestly. Akuma has way too many options to be messing with kongos. he can (after the air fireball) hammerfist (completely destroying kongo and scoring an untechable knockdown). He can over head, he can grab. Why double kongo? Completely impractical in ANY situation besides building revenge and super meter.

you can get with this or you can get with that…

I love days like this…

Good Sir,

Firstly the dbl kongo does not build any meter any faster than the individual kongo itself. In april when vanilla came out I thought I was onto something with that one. I would go so far as to say I doubt it builds meter faster than roundhouse.

Secondly I cannot argue with the fact that IF you don’t land it , it cripples you especially mid round.


Let we who employ such techniques judge that for ourselves. If it is within your skill set to deliberately execute any of these: hi to lo kongo , lo to hi kongo ,lo to hi kongo cancel , ex kongo canc ex kongo , then so be it. If you win because of precisely executed kongos interupting BnB’s , or trapping with block string kongo’s (*cough cough) then there ya are I suppose.

To say the sole practicality of these are only to charge up Goke Dizzle …is misleading at best.


The kongo if performed to perfection vs. Ryu’s U1 will allow Gouken to escape unscathed.
With highly skilled enough timing it can be reduced to a single hit. A reduction from 8 to 1.
Is this a commonly misunderstood move the kongoshin? INDEED !

I was aware. but again, its very impractical. Just jump over it and ultra, or just jump over it and get a meaty punish. Why waste all 4 bars. Theres alot of things people dont know about gouken. But doing them just for the sake of people not knowing them hoping to break their mentality isnt really a good mindset to have. Because alot of good players wont break that easily. Nor will they ever get caught by double kongo. for again. its extremely impractical.

I’ve had a few ryu’s try to chip me to death on wake with itand the chip vs one hit vs eight is a gamble but isn’t that what sets us Gmen apart? and although I’ve only perfect kongo’d the fball ultra in Tmode is is still cool to know all projectiles could be avoided altogether if We played perfectly. what you say is true in part no Gouken will get caught with it usually. But I love it and use it daily…

Good day to you sir

with ex demon flip a ryu cant chip you. Why a ryu would try to chip anyone on wakeup is beyond me. if that consistantly worked the the denjin would be a much better ultra.

If I had bars I would exgf all day, that is what I live for. Chip on wake for win…ring a bell?

Look you’re SHIINE I aint gotta sit here and play volleyball…my style is all day…you got yours it seems like. This post was from a non-goke mainer who is training mode bound trying to decipher the cuneiform G’s like us perpetuate…

See ya round campus…


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