Can someone confirm that this is everything I need to make a stick?

Hey everyone, I’m attempting to make my very first stick and it’s exciting but pretty daunting. I’m afraid I’m gonna mess up along the way. I’m about to order all of my parts now, so I’m making a check list of things I need for the stick. I’m making a stick for my PS3.

Could someone help me out and say if I’m missing anything? I’m ordering 12 30mm buttons because I plan on switching the rims, so that I could have blue buttons with white rims.

[]1 Premade case from Kaytrim’s Kustoms
]6 Blue OBSN-30 buttons
[]6 White OBSN-30 buttons
]5 Blue OBSN-24 buttons (Start, Select, Home, and I have L1 and L2 on the side for menu navigation) (I may switch these for 5 PS-14-D-N buttons instead)
[]1 JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick
]1 LB-39 Blue 35mm bubble top from Seimitsu
[]1 MC Cthulhu PCB (I’m going for MC in case I ever decide to use the stick for other consoles as well
]1 USB B to A cord
[]Wiring (22 AWG wire, 24 AWM wire, stranded copper wire, 22 gauge stranded wire will all work)
].110 Quick Disconnects for the wiring

Is that everything? Or am I missing something? Thanks for any help in advance! Appreciate it and definitely look forward to making my first stick. I’ll post it on here when I finish!.. If I finish.

You could get the Sanwa buttons with preswitchched plungers over here:

You need quick disconnects for the wiring (Can’t remember what kind of QD’s you need for the Cthulhu, sorry. :\ Use .110’s for the buttons though.) They also sell individual ones for $0.10 each.
Also a wiring harness for the joystick would make wiring it up easier.

Try looking for 22 AWG wire.
I used 24 AWM wire, that worked fine too.

I had to double-check that your joystick came with a mounting plate (it does). I can’t believe Sanwa has so many new product codes now!

It looks like you’re good other than the screws you’ll want to hold the mounting plate in place.

All Chthulu boards have the screwy terminals, right? (So that you don’t have to solder anything.)

Use stranded copper wire.

22 gauge stranded wire for sure and probably some QDs .110"

quick disconnects aren’t needed for the cthulhu, either solder to the points on the board or if you got it assembled with screw-on terminals then you just screw the wires into the slots. you will need two QD’s for each button, one for signal and one for ground. other than that, yes, that’s everything.

Ahhh, I almost went for the preswitched plungers, but they’re snap-ins, and the case I’m using needs screw ins according to the maker of it.

I assume I’d need 11 QDs for the buttons, right? Do I need 4 for the joystick? And a bunch for the Cthulhu (one per input)? EDIT::: I didn’t see the other posts when I made this one, so I now know how many are needed.

Thanks for all of the help. Especially so quickly!

Each button has a pair of terminals and thus will require two QD’s; for your eleven buttons you will need no less than twenty-two. They’re pretty easy to ruin too, so having a few extra on hand never hurts. You’d be golden with 25.

Auto parts stores will usually have little packs with a lot of QD’s in them for verrry cheap.

The joystick will not need QD’s but it will need a JLF-H-cable, a.k.a. “the wiring harness.” I initially thought it was included with that product code but upon double-checking I believe it is not. You can ask your seller to clarify, and order one separately if need be.

You are missing a wire cutter/stripper/crimper tool. and small precision screwdriver for the screw down terminals. Probably should get some adhesive zip tie mounts and zip ties to mount the cthulhu.

Not to thread hijack but I have a mini screw driver that has a magnet in it, will it be okay to use on the cthulu?

That’s fine. The only electronic thing magnets really effect are floppy disks or hard drives (and you’d need a pretty powerful magnet at that).

Don’t know if your JLF comes with a wire harness but you might want to get one if it doesn’t.