Can someone convince me



why I should stick with Jill. I mean, im not frustratd because ive been losing matches…its actually quite the contrary. I win the majority of my matches when I use my team (Jill / sent / wesker ). The reason I feel I need convincing is because at this point, the only thing keeping me sticking with Jill is character loyalty…been using her since MvC2 and shes always been one of my favorite characters ever. The thing is, Zero and X23 are both just as fun (to me) to play as Jill is…and they have better options…and I also completely love both of those characters just as much as I love Jill. I find myself in a 3 way struggle for my point character, all of which play very similar (mixup based, able to stay in your face for a long time due to command dashes, fast ). I honestly dont find doing lightning loops all that difficult…and X23’s hop cancels are pretty easy too for the most part…and both have better air mobility than Jill…basically what Im asking is for you, the Jill community, to help convince a fellow Jill player WHY I should stick with her over Zero / X23, BESIDES character loyalty…

If you could help me out, Id much appreciate it.



Quit Jill.
There is no way to sell you if you don’t want to,char selection is not really a group activity unless you’re on a team and you should likely be asking them then.


If you want to drop her, then go for it. I don’t think anyone should have to convince you to play or stay with any character. I play Jill because she is the most fun and a character favorite for me, to the point that if she wasn’t in this game I would not play it. There are other characters I enjoy a great deal, but I have the most fun when playing Jill. Every team I have involves her as you can see in my signature, lol.


Just as Dunamis & Toddler said, you should go ahead and drop her. If you need someone to give you a reason to do something, then it’s not worth pursuing because your mind is probably already made up. I also use Jill because she is the most fun character I have used in any fighting game… dood!


Play what you like.