Can someone direct me a link/video of where I can learn Chun Li



Hi guys,

Been thinking for a long time to pick up Chun Li, I’ve been playing this game for a long time so I know how to play the game generally. Been playing Blanka before and I really like how Chun Li walk speed and pokes.

I do want to fast track my learning curve because I mainly play in the arcade so every game cost money and people aren’t exactly gonna give me a free win simply because I’m playing a new character.

Usually I will try the character out on my own however due to the fact I now don’t even get to play at home much I don’t have the luxury of being in training mode to discover the character myself.

The video tutorial I’ve seen so far that is targeted to new Chun users are extremely mediocre to crappy to say the best (at least when compared to some of the other character videos I’ve watched). I’m probably not searching for the right videos, so any good Chun Li video links (for general Chun Li knowledge not specific tech) is appreciated

Finally the forum here is not easy to navigate thanks to the crappy search feature on this forum it will pop back a billion results.

So here’s what I do know

as a Blanka player, I do know how to slide/piano some what… at the very least I have no problem doing c.LK xx ex legs as for others i realized the timing is different but there’s so many piano/lightning legs tutorial out there I can figure that on my own… and finally i don’t find this as a major problem

I have an idea which buttons to press, but i keep getting hit when i think i’m using it right… so obviously i’m doing it wrong.

i guess my question is.

when to use

any other ones i’m missing FROM THE GROUND? (excluding ex SBK)

(i do know air throw nj + HK, j+HP,HP)


when do you use s.HP?

it seems like s.MP is godlike
and s.HK gives you more range than s.HP

so why should i use s.HP?

also. c.LK vs c.MK, do you guys just buffer lighting legs or do anything? or should i strictly use this to poke them
f+MK any use?

anything else I might be missing other than c.HK/c.LP?

Target combo is it any good? How do you guys use this if it is good.

Finally does she have any jump in attack that can cross up? Or how do you use df+hk

I think that’s the main questions I have for now




Ah, loaded question. While I don’t know of any good video tutorials, there is a thread here that is titled a guide to everything chun li. Really not hard to find and will help you immensely.

To answer a few Q’s:
AA’s… not so much an AA as much as a preemptive strike to keep opponents on the ground. It is slow-don’t abuse it. Except for against zangief… your go-to, very fast with a great hitbox. It even reaches directly above chun’s head. Gotta practice that timing though.
St.fp greater distance than For jumpins that aren’t right at your head.
Df+lk ehhh I don’t have much experience with this but it can trade or get beat against better hitboxes. Hugely advantageous though because on hit it puts opponents into juggle state.
Don’t forget to go under jumpins, great against shotos but needs to be timed properly.

For pokes, like I said is slow. Use primarily, but st.hp can be used at times for some extra damage as long as you know when it’s punishable and not to use it. There’s a lot of info to explain for this, I’ll leave it to you to read up on it. Depends on MU.

Both and are great to follow up with ex legs or lp, st.fp… is also a great poke on it’s own. Sorry if I don’t quite understand that Q. :wink:

F+mk… Eh kinda like a step kick, I don’t use it personally, but it can be good for moving forward if you’re confident you won’t be punished.

Target combos are situational… Typing on cell… Getting lazy

Jumpin cross up is lk. Mk is possible but rare IMO. Df+hk is great if you time it properly, otherwise hugely punishable.

Sorry, there’s way too much to cover. This might get you started but everything you need is in this forum. God bless you.


i really miss from older games

same goes for :frowning:


Sweep, c. mp, and c. mk can can be ok anti-airs in certain situations.

s. hp combos into super (and is easy to combo from jabs), far s. mp doesn’t combo into stuff as easily.


Thanks ky0face got a general grasp of things I things. I think after studying some frame data and getting used to some of her BnB combos I will have a decent start.


By target combo do you mean j. hp x 2? It’s good for anti airing, and you can combo to stomps (air down + mk), EX SBK, or either Ultra afterwards

Unfortunately, I can’t point you to a single Chun video tutorial that covers all your concerns. Def poke around the stickied threads, and maybe the last few pages of the video thread.


by target combo i mean b+MK, MK, d,u+MK

it looks like it’s got decent range and can juggle but question is why use it when i got s.MP which seems like it’s safer, faster, probably better range


Upkicks target combo can whiff punish (b+mk being an average poke) and combo into either Ultra (U1 in the corner). But yes, in general you’re better off using far s. mp.


About anti air, something i started to understand is the same button can be good sometimes and bad sometimes

Example : Stand HK is a good anti air if you force your opponent to do a late jump attack near the ground.
In fact Stand hk catch any empty jump toward you.

But stand hk lose if your opponent jump and attack early during the jump.
Now if he do an early attack you can easily punish him on the way down with your godlike sweep (tripguard)

What you have to know is Stand HK has a bad hitbox startup so if someone press a button before you, you lose

Stand HP is a good anti air versus hk jump attack from most of the cast. If you expect your opponent to use a long reach hk attack in the air, use stand hp.
Why ? Cause the hitbox of hk jump attack is really bad usually and if you time well, you can beat the opponent without being hit.
Just look how Tokido or Infiltration use stand hp from Akuma versus any fei long player (at the right distance of course)

I was watching valmaster and notice he use df+lk in some crossup situation when your opponent is on top of your head. Looks like the move can catch a little behind you too.
Could be useful versus gen players maybe

Stand mk beat jump attack where you cannot use stand hp because they are more closer

Close HP and close HK are also a good antiair versus any Jump Punch Attack (example Boxer, Honda) because you hit their foot before they hit you with their hands

on the ground yes stand mp is good but the damage is only 60
stand hp is one frame faster with 100 of damage and 200 of stun

I like f+mk but i don’t know yet how to use it honestly. It’s good to keep the pressure on your opponent without being close to him at the begining of the move. Like Ken but the range is strange


Let me rephrase the question I have before…

With blanka you will do s.lp xx electricity for the block stun you will even use it during footsie and as a pressure tool to put people in block stun.

I’m looking at chin li and noticed here lightning legs also gives frame advantage on block as well. So was wondering if I can apply the same tactics


You can

But youll get punsihed


You can use Cr HP x Hk Legs and Mk extension version to do what you do with Blanka

Why Cr HP ? Cause the move make chun li move forward and stay close when she start to do legs.
To have the frame advantage you need to be close. If not you will get punish like when Gen get punish on hit/block after he does hands at the wrong distance