Can someone do me a favour

and get me a high res image of Akuma after he’s done his ultra (when he has his back to you and his Kanji appears on his back).

Im sorry if this is in the wrong section. and once I have the image this can be deleted cheers :confused:

please dont make stupid threads like this. Use google or something

You could try on one of the PC SFIV threads, I’d venture they’d have an easy enough time doing it.

Do you think I would of asked if I hadnt used google vigorously trying to find this image? I am not an idiot born yesterday, I know how to use google and it didnt give me the results I wanted. Which is why I am asking.

Oh look here it is

Yeah I really want to use this piece of shit.

just take a screenshot? (…)

dam just help this guy out , obv he cant take a screen shot put it up in the pc thread someone there will hopefully help you good luck

In response to the thread title.

No, no one here will do you a favor. Though, I can’t blame them since they don’t know you. I don’t do favors for people I don’t know.

But in all seriousness. Head over to the tech forum and ask for this favor there. Possibly in one of the template threads but I don’t know for sure. They’ll be better equipped to help out there.

Then how come you’re posting this thread?

Here you go bud:

That’s PC version SF4 with all the visual quality settings set to max.

Tell me if you want something changed (like costume color), I’ll be glad you change it.

Class act fella. I’d rep you if I could.

We need more people like you on SRK man. That was very kind.

Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted. Now if the others who posted in this thread were like you, I’d probably hang around here more.

I posted this here because I thought it’d get the fastest response instead of a specific forum. I need it fast so I can start working ASAP.

edit: machineking beat me to it

Amazing how much praise I got for 2mins of work :rolleyes:

Compare and contrast.

You took 2 minutes to help someone, most took 10 seconds to tell someone to fuck off.

Hate to beat a dead horse, but I’m pretty sure this is why some people were upset.
The forums are not your personal concierge. If you need something fast, you don’t go to the most active forum and post in the most active thread (or create your own thread), you go to the correct forum and post in the correct thread.

There were strong feelings, very justified, that the SFIV general forum was not the place to make a random request for a high resolution image.
I’m glad you got what you needed, but you also got what you deserved.

If you’re thinking: "If people don’t like it, they can just leave my thread."
Ask yourself what would happen if everytime someone wanted attention for whatever reason, they created a new thread in the general forum because it’s the most active. What would this forum look like?

start working on what if you don’t mind me asking?

Maybe a nice big duvet cover :rofl:

But seriously, nice pic