Can someone explain a TE stick round 1 vs. a round 2? Which are which?


I have a Marvel vs. Capcom stick. Which is it? Round 1 or 2? I have a femme fetale stick. Which is that one? Whats the difference between round 1 and 2? I like the black and red TE stick as well, its the one without white boarders which is it and which is the one with the boarders?


Here’s some pics (posted by deezee989) -


Are they the same design/hardware wise besides the paint job?


I believe all of the sticks with the exception of the new “s” series are exactly the same. I think the “s” series has a new PCB.


All the TE sticks are the same except for the color scheme. the TE “S” is redesigned to be a slim model. The 2 that you have are the same internally.


The marvel stick has a different button layout


Yeah only difference is the new ‘S’ PCB.


Marvel has a different layout?


Regular layout is:
[ ] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Marvel layout is:
[ ] /\ L1 R1
X O L2 R2


xbox is

x y lb lt
a b rb rt

i dont know why the ps3 is different


Yeah marvel is

L1 L2
R1 R2

where as all the others are

R1 L1
R2 L2


PS3 Marvel vs. Capcom is:
[ ] /\ L1 L2
X O R1 R2

All other PS3 are:
[ ] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Xbox 360 Marvel vs. Capcom is:

All other Xbox 360 are:

Like iTorres just showed you.
None of the ones you listed are Round 2 or the Original.

Marvel vs. Capcom is just that.
Nothing else.

Femme Fatale is just that.
Nothing else.

Difference between Original and Round 2?
Just the art and Round 2 having Black Sides.


Shit, why did they do that? I just bought one for my kid. I would have to open it to swap disconnects.


or you could remap the controls in the game


Yeah but that’s a pain in the ass for when you use a different stick. You’d have to remap controls constantly. Far easier to just swap connections


To conform to the button layout Backbone created for MvC2.


its a better layout if the triggers ever die out :slight_smile:


I guess so, its funny how hard the 360 one is to find in stores. I dont remember the MVC layout enough to understand it until I get home. I would just switch it. He will love the art on that thing (an I will get the 2 white buttons I need for my TE)