Can someone explain lag abuse?

I keep hearing this term often. Does it mean people that host can fuck around with the connection? I didn’t even know that was possible.

Stuff that only works or works a lot better when there’s a lot of frame delay/skipping.

Basically anything that is difficult to punish offline will be that much more difficult online with lag.

Stuff like Chuns pokes, Akumas tatsu, Ken’s DP and Yun’s dive kicks are often labeled as abusable in lag.

well speak of the devil …

lag abuse started with ‘standbying’ a technique that host of a match could do by hitting the standybutton pausing the peers in the match slighty giving the host advantage of coming out of the pause first…Ie any first person shooter you’ve ever played where everyone froze then u died not knowing who shot you or what the fuck happened…

Either tactics that work well offline and are even better online, or tactics that don’t even work at all offline…anything that exploits the input delay or lag of the game. Generally rolling around (in kof/CvS2), jumping around and doing semipunishable into it again (dp into dp) is a lag tactic.

Play XBL 3s for 10 minutes

You’ll see what lag abuse is…

They are probably just annoyed with the way you play.

Chasing Oro around isn’t much fun :shake:

People THINKG jumping around is lag abuse, but I disagree…I used to jump around offline, and I jumped around online…cause I did it offline.

Lag abuse is PURPOSELY trying to take advantage of something that will only work online.

Also, there’s more extreme lag abuse, like window resizes; maximize/minimize, use of p2p programs and AIM (and other messengers) and several other programs will induce lag to the game when used at the right time. (Lets say you’re cornering some dude and it suddenly lags massively, then when he recovers it goes back to normal)

Living in my small-ass town, almost all of my experience against competent competition these days has been online. I wouldn’t even know if I’m using lag tactics or not! I probably just think they’re effective tools. :lol:

No one has ever accused me of lag abuse. It’s just something I keep hearing and was wondering what it was.

Perfect example of a lag abuse:

Dragon punching your opponent when your super is blocked.

For example, if you random SA3 with Ken and your opponent blocks it, he’ll usually be able to punish you. However, because of lag, his reaction time will be delayed, and if you dragon punch it’ll connect. Blocked dragon punch into another dragon punch is a similar example. Or Gouki tatsu all day, into dragon punch.

IMO, lag abuse is a valid tactic because it works. What’s bad is if you use these lag tactics offline. Even GGPO with its supposedly minimal lag will ruin your offline gameplay.

I’ll call your Ken SA3 example lag tactic if opponent do it more than 3 or four times by game. But then, if you’re hitted more than twice by SRK, problem comes from you to not be able to adapt to a simple and repetitive pattern. I mean, i often cannot punish Ken SA3 with a decent combo with Q and eat some random shit. Second time i will just throw.
IMO, trying to SRK after a blocked SA3 is probably the best thing to do (or another SA3): one frame move to reduce punishment window to the minimum.
That’s what i also do offline, betting on a mistimed punishment to save my ass.

For me, lag tactics (in game, not window moving or other pathetic shit) doesn’t really exist in 3S with 2DF and GGPO (in correct condition), there are just bored bet tactics which you have to adapt.

SRK after a blocked move is considered lag abuse? News to me, I do that shit all the time. Unless, you guys mean constantly doing SRK with no proper strategy, then I guess I understand.

So would using Akuma, then constantly doing air hado -> sweep or air hado -> chop, and spamming light kicks be considered a lag abuse when used in lag? I know a guy who plays on 2DF in a similar manner and it’s pretty damn annoying. Didn’t know there was a proper term for that.

This one is just complete crap, online or offline ^^

I’ll give you an example from one of the first times I played sfa3 on daroms kaillera server.

I one time got knocked down in a corner and the other guy would jump straight up and time a kick just as I was getting up so it was deep then quickly do a low sweep.
Now, Easy as fuck to block right? That shouldn’t be a trap at all. But I swear to god it was impossible to block the jump kick then block the low sweep. The delay would just not let me block high then low quick enough since the jump kick was so deep. Neither could I get wake up dragon punch on time or anything. He just repeated this over and over again. Called me a shitty noob and that I need to learn how to block or never play and left.

It is something that you could never ever do against somebody in real life. Fuck you can’t even do that online nowadays as netplay has really stepped it up big time. But 2 or so years ago all anybody really had was that crappy kaillera full of tons of delay where you couldn’t do something simple like block high then block low quickly.

That shit is lag abuse.

No, it’s because your blocked attack was supposed to be punished but instead the one trying to punish got hit due to lag. The lag makes you second guess whether you should even try to punish things that you know you can punish normally, so you just start letting your opponent get away with things.

The air fireball is not really what is the lag abuse, I guess the sweep or overhead would be if there was input delay. Still, I think that is a very minor example.

The only time I hear about “lag abuse” is when I beat someone really bad and they need to think of something to save face.



Nothing screams online play like a blocked SA3 from Ken that can’t be punished.:smokin: