Can someone explain the chronology/timeline of the franchise (Fatal Fury, AoF, KoF)?


I’m just curious about all of this, like the placement of all the Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and King of Fighters games, as well as Garou: Mark of the Wolves (or is it not canon?). Could anyone explain it for me? I’m having a hard time following.


Timeline goes like this

Art of Fighting > Fatal Fury > Mark of the Wolves/Buriki One > Kizuna Encounter. Art of fighting happens ten years before Fatal Fury. Mark of the Wolves is ten years after Real Bout Special. Kizuna Encounter is in “the first half of the 21st century”.

KoF is an alternate timeline from the one above. All the events from Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury save for two major differences. There isn’t a time gap between AoF and FF and Geese doesn’t die in the first Real Bout.


Text is small, you may want to zoom in.


Thank you very much!


If you can fit Athena and Last Blade in there, you might as well put Samurai Shodown and Ikari Warriors.

Anyway @PurpleCladGamer :


Samurai Shodown is in a completely different dimension. XIV outright confirms it.