Can someone explain the lies?



So i was fighting a dhalsim and i ex MGB right through his ultra, does it have invincibility frames or something?


i have absolutely no experience with dudley but i’m going to assume EX-MGB has fireball immunity just like many other EX specials in this game


it defenitely does not, i’ve died numerous times to a hadoken in the face via a surprise ex mgb for chip win


i assume his fireball ultra and not the grab ultra? how deep or how early were you in the exmgb? same question for him and his ultra. could you re create it? The last resort of explanation would be lag i suppose.


well i had just punished his yoga fire with a dempsey roll and he had little health left so i backed up and was gonna chip him to death with an EX machine gun blow, so i back up and go for the exmachine gun blow and hope for a meaty (scruby i know but whatever) any way after i activate my ex mgb he activates his ultra and then i go clear through it and kill him for game


Dhalsim’s U1 has garbage invincible frames and a slow startup.


Why doesn’t somebody test this in Training Mode? I’d do it now, but I can’t. If this isn’t updated by tomorrow, I’ll do it myself.


Its because Sims Ultra has whack start up frames, lots of stuff can hit him through it if done meaty, EX MGB has exactly 0 invincible frames.


That settles that, then.


It’s because EX machinegun blow pushes forward before it hits…slow move like Dalsims cant hit you if you are 1.5 character spaces away…
when i’m in Guiles face and he U2’s i just mash forward… i push him while dashing… dash invincibility frames do it’s job and i punish the Guile for using projectile ultra while Dudleys feet are on the ground… (I had a silver of health a backdash wouldn’t escape… a jump would be slow a duck would still get hit… i gambled and won)

Let world know… never throw projectile ultra against Dudley while he’s on his feet (that sh*t will kill you)…

BTW how close were you to Dalsim as he activated his ultra? were you already in ex flash in cinematics? did you “harainiku!” during the ultra cinematics?
I’m interested if i could “barge” hrough all projectile Ultras


i had already activated it, as i was planning for a meaty chip, so i was already flashing, and he work up with his U1

also iwas a full screen away


also iwas a full screen away

apologize for the double post but edit post won’t work


you were deffinately saved by the “push” MGB offers. point blank dashing forwards would work aswell, so would counter ultra’ing


that makes sense, i doubt it will ever happen again, i don’t really like to MGB for no reason, if i want to chip kill sometimes i distract em in with a rose and then ex them for chip kill, but even then i only do it if its a scrub