Can someone explain this? Ex-Counter into Super?



I’ve no idea how this is done, but it looks like the Ex-Counter was cancelled right into Super…



every character that has an focus absorbing ex move can cancel into either their super or ultra respectively. Its called kara cancelling, same as kara throw but this time you are cancelling the first few frames of the ex into super which is a higher priority and also ultra.

eg, Balrog ex rush punch into super or ultra
zangief ex splex into Ultra1
juri ex counter into ultra
Abel ex punch attack into ultra.

As long as it absorbs a hit it can be cancelled to super without using meter.


The above person said it better than I could have.
A lot more in depth - So instead I’ll go the opposite route if your looking for a dumbed down version.

All it requires is Ex-Counter > Super
That’s it, nothing fancy at all. The fact that an Ex- Counter ‘floats’ the opponent even gives you more time.


it is simply cancelling kongo before it actually hits, meter will be used if kongo hits


Wow I was reading this wrong.
I completely glazed over the fact it was an Ex-Counter into Parry.

This is something I didn’t know. You can cancel an Ex-Counter into Parry without the Ex-Counter taking a bar of Ex!?


How do you manage the input so that the super only comes out if kongo hits?


:db:, :d:, :df:, :d:, :db:, :2p:, :d:, :df:, :f:, :lp:


or you mean :lp::mp::hp:, instead of :lp:???


ya any punch button will work for super. all 3 punch or kicks for ultra


Hp is likely best though as it travels further than LP/MP Super, just be safer.


edit: i just tried it, this trick will actually blow up safe jumps with full super hit (alternatively you can use ex kongo for typical anti air)
super wake up will hit too but at least this way if they do nothing, only ex kongo will come out


True, although it’s technically not possible to safe jump Gouken as the Parry is 1 frame anyway.
Except Akuma, Akuma can do anything he wants, since his DF Palm is Armour Breaking so we can be safe jumped with that.


Last night confirmed for me that there is a cr.rh punish answer for at least one almost perfect flip palm setups from akuma. just puttin out there…


is ti possible to do the same with the regular focus?

maybe if you do that you can use focus as a hit confirm for ultra?


Elaborate sorta lost me


a hit confirm? nah no way lol
i’ve seen focus/taunt cancelling, maybe there might be other moves one can infuse super armour into


Speaking of weird counter stuff. Everyone probably knows about the double kongo stuff. I’ve had a few occasions where I do EX-Kongo, it absorbs the hit but the counter doesn’t come out and goes into the whiffed animation. I’ve confirmed that I did not plink the buttons. It was just EX-counter with 2 punch buttons. I double checked the inputs in training mode to make sure it wasn’t a double kongo. The motion I was using for counter was a reverse “crosscutter”, similar to this [media=youtube]-ZzbSyn3Ito[/media].
There’s probably something there that hasn’t been discovered yet. Maybe a way to gain the armor of the counter and be able to cancel it to nothing.

Edit: Come to think of it, it might have been a double ex kongo if that’s possible. Hitting the 2 punch buttons and then the negative edge canceled into another ex kongo. I wasn’t paying attention to my meter.


I know for a fact that has happened with me and Takin’s matches. Do you also have any idea why Kongos are avoiding throws?


Its the self cancel kongo as far as I know, i figure its essentially the b side of the double kongo os built into gouken, if 2nd hit occurs u get dbl kongo if no 2nd hit u get the absorbing kongo , which I currently believe gives up to 2frames advantage vs any attack strength ie recovers just as fast from jabs as from jump in roundhouse… But the animation seems to take longer with harder attacks…

U can double kongo lariats all day in training but cannot kongo absorb it. Dbl kongo 2hit fbs and we can absorb with the other…
So kinda weird…

Weve seen the dbl ex kongo correct? In super it would have gone ppp>kkk kongo he does the hi kongo motion and holds his position while absorbing attacks… I believe we may be able to negate ex green hand but someone here said why we couldnt… I think it may be possible since the 2nd hit of green hand doesnt armor breAk…However i think frame data explains why we cant beat it, yet in ae2012 the kkngo absorb seems legitimately faster… Wheres nevillebamshew at wen u need him?

Amigo i think actually it makes shit whiff now more than in super is because of our requests to the dev team, for such an effect…but a actual explanation is changes to his box , even recently in a match Amigo and I were making flip throw whiff with hp counter like alot…

Anyone ever do a checklist and see who asked for st mk to link to tatsu, cause i coulda swore it was me, but they made it a very specific CH scenario and i cant say ive seen or remembered to use it recently…