Can someone explain this? (game mechanic puzzle)

It happens at 1:31:27

RF vs Uryo

RF blocks a tatsu, then throws a crouching jab, which Uryo blocks.

Then, they trade, and Uyro dies.

However, on the right side of the screen(Uryo’s side), it displays “Counter hit”. Why did it trade?

Counter hits in SSF4 are defined as hitting an opponent during the start-up of their move. How can a counter-hit trade?

Does Sagat’s standing short have a projectile hitbox?

I think it’s probably because St. short is two hits, so it counterhit the second hit while the first hit was still active.

Good question. I’ll try this later in training mode.

Well, it’s reproducible, and it can be done in both AE and Super.

It only happens if Sagat’s first hit of st. short trades, but I don’t know why.

will have to try this myself.