Can someone explain this video:

something strange happened during tournament tonight.


peep what happens at 2:50

am i wrong or did he block urien’s while standing up in aegis?

is this a symptom of Rev B 3S?

Looks like maybe the Urien player did the low kick a little before the Ken player fully got up maybe? I don’t see any block sparks from the low kick.

i’ve watched this shit at full screen on the original mp4, (before i uploaded it to youtube, it might not be as clear on youtube) and i am 99.99% sure that there is a block spark from the c.MK

Video proof of how cheap that color is!

From what I saw, I thought he blocked it high after going through pseudo slow-motion. Do you mind uploading the original mp4?

I’ve seen shit like this happen before.

I’ve essentially blocked overheads while it appears my character is in the ‘block low’ animation, and vice versa.

My guess is that he blocked low for like the exact frame , and only for 1 frame then back to blocking high, by accident and it happened so fast that the video didn’t catch it.

There are 60 frames in 1 second on 3s, so for you to have missed it even with your naked eye it would have had to be a single frame accourance, which is a pretty freak thing to happen.

This happened before when my friend did Hugo’s slow ass butt overhead, and I essentially blocked it low, or what appeared to be blocking low, and we just looked at each other like WTF.

Perhaps it might be that 3s has fuzzy guard like GGXX does? I’ve seen BillyKane refer to it in his **blog**once. That’s the first time I’ve heard someone talk about fuzzy guard in this game, but I don’t think he’s talking about the same thing (don’t know wtf he’s saying, but the video isn’t showing what happened in ekin’s video).

no unblockables on rev b its the version they based dreamcast on i’m told the corner ones kinda work everything else is a no go

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I may be wrong but I heard somewhere that Hugo’s assbutt has two different hit definitions. On the way down you can’t block low, and on its way up you can block either way.

That’s how it’s always seemed to me.

In other strange blocking situations, it turns out that when Hugo does his backbreaker through an opponent standing on the ground and that opponent is holding back, the opponent can go into block animation and there’ll be a little block spark and blockstun. It happened when I was playing Twelve against my friend’s Hugo, it was pretty unexpected. Also, you know Q’s ex low rush punch thing, where it hits twice and sweeps the opponent? Well, only the first hit has to be blocked low, the second can be blocked high.

I’m also starting to get the impression that fuzzy blocking exists in 3S. Having done some really extensive testing with Makoto stuff. At least in the PS2 version, anyway.

Kind of off topic, but: Has anyone seen the Aegis completely disappear (completely) almost immediately after Urien sends it out?

I recall it happening during a Urien vs Ibuki match, where I believe the Urien player did a meaty Aegis, and the Ibuki player did a wake-up uppercut or maybe EX uppercut (kazekiri – not sure if it was EX or not). And the Aegis flew out for like a few frames then just vanished and both players took a single hit.

Can Urien hit his own mirror? That may be a possibility if he can, he may have hit the mirror which caused the attack to whiff through Ken. If not then it’s fuzzy blocking, whatever that means.

I’ve seen blue Aegis. I think it’s simply a recording error. The game takes place in 60 fps. If the recording device is any slower (say 30 fps) there are usually some small problems. Some parry flashes won’t be seen, some Genei Jins will look funny, etc.

I agree it’s probably something to do with our eyes missing it and not the game being bugged. Even though there’s animation frames that show omeone going from standing to crouching, the blocking input is instant (afaik) so it’s possible and in this case likely that the Ken player DID block low only for such a short period of time that we can’t see it in the video.

The fuzzy blocking BK talked about is not part of the game system/mechanics it’s just a technique you can use to block multiple things based on their timing. The example he gives of Dudley’s 3 low/high/low options is a perfect example of how you can move between high and low block based on the startup speed of his mixup options. By saying “3S HAS fuzzy blocking” it makes it sound like it’s a feature of the game. Which btw, god knows, it could be, even though I haven’t seen any undisputable evidence. However, it’s not the same thing BK was talking about.

He can’t touch his own aegis at all. And to the person who saw blue aegis, it’s when two people pick Urien, I believe 2nd player gets blue.

That has happened to me in 3S before. Someone tried to do a meaty UOH while I was getting up, and I tried to block low originally, then switched to high as quick as I could and got hit by it standing up.

Or perhaps just one:

Eh, perhaps the color is determined by which side you play on, which is the case for what color your hitsparks are when you get hit.

i just chose 2p urien and i got pink