Can someone explain this?


Ok, its Saturday Night and I am hosting the gathering as usual (see sig for info :smiley: ) And I am playing a good friend of mine with a Ratio 1 mai. He has a Ratio 2 blanka.

Now the point I need answering is this:

I am footsies and basic stratagies with Mai to build meter with her. My friend eventually gets meter before me [LV 3] Now ACCIDENTLY instead of doing my wall jump [d +up LP ] to bait him I accidently hit the wrong button and do her [d + up FK] anti air flame move [sorry cant remember the name]. My friend IMMEDIATLY does the LV 3 blanka ball in order to just kill me and honestly I was expecting it…instead…it [the flame move] completly STOPS :eek: the blanka ball and gives me 3 extra hits!!!

Now I did save this…and I would like some blanka and mai experts to please explain. Reason asking cause I may now start taking up Mai to handle a blanka…



You were probably too far away from the beast for the invincibility frames to last and he just got clocked. Mai is not a reasonable answer to Blanka. Unless you’re in touch with your feminine side like Ricky. His Mai is durty. I’m pretty sure if you were closer to him the ball would’ve taken the bitch out. If your friend waited a second, she would’ve put down the fire and stood there all nice and pretty waiting to get hit by the electric beast.

what were the grooves?

Kid lee: He was about half screen…its was too weird. Yeah, I was it was just gonna take my ass out regardless…

Pokes: We both had C-groove

Thanks both of ya…

Okay, lets see. I might have this wrong, but here’s my guess.

On Mai’s flame pillar move, her forward and roundhouse versions have invulnerability from her knees upward. Blanka did his super from a distance, so his invulnerability frames were long gone when he reached Mai. Now, her RH version (which I’m guessing you used) sticks out for a long time, so it might have been still going with the invulnerable frames, hence knocking Blanka out of his super.

Sounds about right sir. Thanks Gokou

Koop out

I don’t think she even has to be invincible. Normal moves, even jabs, will take Blanka out of his lvl 3, so it was probably just that.

Um I tried jabbing blanka with Ryu but I still got hit.

But gokou is right once he’s out of his invincibilty range, thats probably how u managed to hit him with mai. Think about it. People who have a dp motion like ryu or cammy can stop it because it is out of range.

When I read this I thought maybe you RCed it. Makes sense now.

you were probably too close, it works. Of course it doesn’t make much sense to try it when you could just dp instead, but it is pretty funny to just tap him out of his super