Can someone explain to me how to cut off borders

hey i was just wondering if someone could explain to me how to cut of the borders of a avatar? I would like to cut off the white part so it can just be a avatar with those two borders diagonals… i did this with paint so it could be helpfull if anyone explain with that.

Heres the image posted below


Well you have to clear out the white space… its usally goes wrong with the saving…

make sure your optimize setting are

  • make sure the box with the transparnecy is click on.
  • make sure the matte is set to none.
  • make sure its a gif. image.

anyways… to be truthful… this is my first time actually doing it right… so:sweat:… yeah… I might not know how to help you after you did all that and do get it right…

thx a bunch :smiley: i think i should get adobe soon…

:frowning: still cant get it too work…sigh

sorry but I’m new to this stuff too…:lol:

:lol: yo asian since u make avatars is it possible to make me one with the borders cut off and just put my name on it?

:smiley: thx alot man nice!!!

Unknown Favor

A Yo, U don’t Know me and Idon’t Know U I need You To Make Me an AV If Its Not too much Trouble… I would Like it to have A Hellish Background and I want Akuma to be on it.

Thanks In Advance.