Can someone explain to me what links and chains are in addtion to buffering?

I thought I knew what they meant, but I keep getting mixed up. chains? links? buffering? can someone explain please? I think I remember hearing that Urien can ‘buffer’ a head-butt while dashing forward, but I don’t see how this can be done…since I don’t know what buffering exactly means.

chains are sequences of normal attacks that naturally combo when executed in sequence.
I.E. Ken’s low short chains into itself.
Chains with different buttons involved are called targets in 3s.
Like Ken’s strong, fierce
or Yun/Yang strong, fierce, back+fierce

a link is when you hit with a move, and then you connect another move ater the animation of the previous one has ended but before the opponent has recovered from hitstun. Pretty strict timing, usually.

i.e. Dudley’s towards+rh overhead on crouching opponent can be LINKED to SAI or SAIII (does it ink to SAII too? never tried that)

the term buffering means executing or start executing the motion for your next move while still in the animation of the current move you are doing; you are “preparig” the execution before you need the move to come out.
Some people confuse buffering with cancelling, but it’s different.
Cancelling is when you execute a special or a super that cancels the recovery frames of a hitting (or blocked) normal.
I.e. low forward -> hadouken is a cancel. If you wait the end of low forward anymation they can block, if you cancel it it will combo.
Of course cancelling requires buffering, but buffering has many uses outside of cancelling.

The Urien example you mentioned is called charge partitioning, a quite advanced technique… it has been explained several times, use the search function

ah so a link is a move that is performed after another one has been completed, as opposed to cancelling it? like makoto’s hayate > SA1 and ken’s c.strong > Shippu?
charge partitioning…I think I’ve heard about that. thanks~

Incorrect, but I’m not going to start yet another petty argument about it.