Can someone explain to me

what footsies exactly means, i think i have the general term, but what EXACTLY does it mean?

Using your foot to play around with people, like in real life.

Or rather, using your character’s normals against the other character. An example is when Ken does a low forward. If it is a mirror match, you might watch for the low forward and then when it comes out, you sweep it. That’s an example of it.

yeah, i figured it meant something like that, but in most of the pro matches im watching i dont see a whole lot of footsies, or maybe i dont notice it when im watching it


You ask the right people and you’ll get a very long speech. I have had this discussion many times. The overly simplified view is that footsies is about whiff punishment.

Footsies is attacking and defending using your character’s pokes.

Here’s an example: Ken VS Chun-Li. Neither have supers yet. Ken can walk forward and use crouching HK if he thinks Chun will do crouching MK. Chun can try to outdistance him with her standing HP, but if Ken is looking for this, he can stay JUST out of the range of that move and do the crouching HK right after Chun whiffs it.

Here’s another: Ken mirror match. 1P throws 2P in the corner. Now 1P stays JUST out of 2P’s sweep range. If 2P is stupid and whiffs a sweep or a low forward, 1P can dash forward and throw him, or punish his whiff with a sweep of his own or a low foward xx SA3. 1P can walk forward, do crouching MK at max range, then back out to try to bait 2P into doing this.