Can someone finish this for me

Captain Cammando (Ground Type), Ryu (Projectile Type), & ???
This is my main team and these are the people that qualifiy for that spot.
JinAnti Air
StriderGround Type
BB HoodAnti Air
MorriganProjectile Type

But yeah thats what I have to deal with right now lol hope some one can help me out.

???, ??? and Captain Commando (anti-air assist)

your choices:
Sentinel (ground assist)
Storm (projectile assist)
Cable (anti-air assist)
Blackheart (anti-air assist)

You need to rethink that squad. If you want to use Ryu i’d reccomend Akuma EA. If you want to use commando, take the reccomendations above.

but Ryu and Capcom don’t really work well together. Ryu can only use the AAA as a counter move, really.

And please, try CapCom’s anti-air. It’s so good, that there’s no real reason to consider his other assist types.

Ryu projectile, Doom Anti-Air, and Cap.Commando Anti-Air

probably best you’ll get.

Capcom’s anti-air is just too good not to pick.

deal with it…
IMO… capcom’s better as an assist rather than a point character.

use servbot. for sure you’ll lose but you’ll have fun. LoL

he’s sure to lose even with that team that he mentioned… capcom on ground is the same as having a mediocre character without being useful for the rest of the team.

this dude clearly doesnt care about strategy

it doesnt matter that much what he has capcom on if he has him as the first character,

out of that list i woudl say to pick strider cuz he the bext character there. plus that team is already as goofy as they come might as well pick stider cuz he looks the coolest

If he isn’t looking for strat he wouldn’t be posting here, I think.

ei APimpNameServBot, TBH man, diss your current team if you are seriously trying to improve at this game. i suggest at least use 1 or 2 of the god tiers [magneto, storm, sent, cable] and add whichever you want for your fun.

If he’s doing this for fun but wants a reasonable way to win, I’d say he’s alright. If he plans to take this to a tourny, yeah he needs to add a god-tier quickly lol. The most newb friendly of them I think is senti and Storm, Storm is so wicked…

Low-Tier wise I’d say CapCom (A-A), Ryu (Projectile), and…hmm…Jin (Tornado spin thing). Jin is like, kinda crappy, but he has some really odd regular moves that throws off other newbs. I’m not an expert at this game, at all, but I’d say that would be a whacky and effective team for low-tier battles of doom.

Aw man but I don’t like using magneto or sent or storm I know you guys said deal with it but I wanna use the char’s I’m good with. I like to be different and use different char’s and to let you guys know I play the dream cast version of this game my friends PS2 copy got returned unfortunately and we hope we can get it back. Also I’m looking for a joy stick so I can play my games the leet way not the controler way. I’m enjoying the feed back non to less but this is my main team and i’ll try to re think there assists. Captain Commando Ground Type, BB Hood Anti Air Type, and Ryu Projectile Type.

dude, certain characters just don’t work well together. If you want to win, you have to make a better team. Mvc2 is NOT BALANCED and you’re going to have to live with that if you want to keep playing the game. for that team I reccomend ditching ryu and putting in Doom AAA.

Ryu just doesn’t work well with commando. No matter how much you want to use them together, it’s still a bad idea to do so.

Hmm is there any way I can use Ryu in a team that works well with Ryu? I mean maybe if I posted some video’s so you guys can see my playing style do you think that would help tigerboi? Ryu is my best character man I can’t pull off the same shit I do with Ryu with Akuma or Ken I know its weird but its true man no lies.

some decent ryu low tier action

why not try team shoto ryu/akuma/ken i think, at least you would have a strategy to implement.

to tell you the truth I think I am way better then that guy. I used team shoto before but I dunno how to work their specials to make them do ultimate damage but I am good with that team I win most of time against my friends when I use them. I’ll trying runing that and tell you guys how I do ok.

you contradicted yourself by saying… “i’m way better ~ don’t know how to use specials ~ wins against friends”

are your friends top players? are they good players? do they even know how to play decently? wins against people who just know the buttons and can throw fireballs don’t even count. You might as well play the computer.

And as said…

if you want to play for fun, the whole idea of learning low tiers is to learn them and have fun with them. Don’t expect a lot of wins though. If you want to play and WIN, you need to pick winning characters, not “aww man I want to pick who I like to use because I’m super cool fiyah-ballz!”

It’s possible to win with low tiers, but you’re not going to be able to pick your three favorites, and have them work well together. My favorite characters are Spiderman, Sentinel, Servbot… They dont’ work well together, so I have different teams that I use with them. Rarely do they see the same team. It’s just how this game works. Team dynamics + god tiers = good teams and wins. Team dynamics in top level play is much more important however than tiers. As seen with Duc winning Evolution with Spiral.

I see so I must use God Tier characters. sigh well I have been thinking about this team for quite some time but I couldn’t get the feel of it I can’t remember what I used for assist types but here it is. Akuma, Magneto, and Sentinel. I lost the first time because I didn’t know how use sent or magneto but how does that team look?

stick to ryu… and get magneto out of there…

try ryu / sentinel / cyclops or doom.

akuma = expansion
magneto = projectile
sentinel - ground or projectile
ryu = projectile
cyclops / doom = anti air

i use to fuck around with storm, ryu, doom and use to beat some top tier teams haha. try it! do you play competitively? or just play the game for fun?