Can someone from USA help me buy a pair of sandals?

This is the link and I need someone to buy it and then reship to me. I can pay you by paypal…

why do you need somebody else to buy it? they ship to Canada.

I have paypal and could pay for the items and reship it to you but you would have to send me payment via paypal for the total fee(including shipping from the retailer and cost of shipping to you from my house) + a 10% markup of the cost of the total cost of item minus shipping cost from my house.

Pm me if your interested.

Yeah, I thought they did too but then it says “we do not currently ship internationally” and it show shipping options for $100+ beside it.

PM sent.

why would u charge him 10% :confused:

i would do it if you sent me total(shipped to my house) + shipping to you. before i bought them :lovin:

WTF 35 bucks for a pair of flip-flops you crazy

plus taxes and shipping, yea he crazy

The real question is why the hell is he buying/wearing flip-flips in the first place?:shake:

Wow, too many haters in this thread…

Nothing wrong with wearing flip-flops. I wear a cheap pair from American Eagle everyday. I only wear shoes if I need to (rain, sports, etc.)

if theres ANYTHING to hate on it’s that ed hardy is ass, but spending 35 on flip flops is perfectly okay. =)

Don’t listen to them.

Although Ed Hardy isn’t my style, a lot of girls like that kind of look (hipsters)

to bad you won’t see SHIT when your actually WEARING the damn things. Whats the point?

So, can anyone here help me buy them please?

Nevermind, its sold out of 8s…

Nawwh, I was just givin the guy a hard time. Where I’m frome, it’s all camping, barbeques, and beaches. Flipflops are dope-a-lope! :bgrin:

Bump :confused:

I’m willing to buy the size 9s since I cant find it anywhere else. Can anyone from the south help your neighbor to the north :sweat: ?