Can someone give some advice?

Well I was wondering how the fuck do you get a headbutt from a standing mp. It never fucking works for me and I was also wondering about how do you get tackles to come out one after the other. The timing is a bitch!

Because you probably won’t find it here…

hold :d: for 2 seconds, put stick in neutral+:mp:, quickly press :u:+:p::p:

As for the rest, start reading some of the threads in here. Lots of them talk about tackles and whatever else.

you have to hold donw for like a second MP and immediatly hold down during the animation the do then press up and a punch for the head butt

Wtf, the timing is that critical!? Is it the same for the tackles?

BTw looking for this in other threads is like looking for a needle in a Haystack. Too many asskissers take up space posting hey good thread. :tup: too much shit for my eyes.

multiple tackles requires charge buffering. it’s basically pressing back, foward, BACK, then a kick button. that extra “back” starts charging for your next move, while still meeting all requirements for your initial move to come out.

nope the timing not hard at all all you have to do is hold down for atleast 3-200 sec press mp and then up and mp oh and yes I said 200 sec meaning you can hold down as long as you like just make sure its aleast 3 sec

wtf? 3 seconds. i do MP --> headbutt/ex headbutt consistently and NEVER have to hold down for 3 seconds…

You know what he’s talking about… hold down, DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG, as long as you charge enough for a headbutt, then put the stick in neutral + MP, then hit up + :p:

If the MP doesn’t hit, it prolly won’t work… you can put a SMALL gap between the :d: and :u: part, but it’s a VERY small gap. If the MP connects, you can cancel it into Headbutt. If it doesn’t connect, you waste too much time in neutral and you lose your charge.

You can do other stuff, like breaking up your charge (like ** Mr.Bison** said) but that makes use of partitioning, which is a more advanced technique… You shouldn’t worry about that now. But if you can master partitioning, you can stick heabutts anywhere. …and I mean anywhere. :slight_smile:

Ok so how would this combo work? The RX one which is Urien wanted.

Right now I can get:

Jump Fp, mp, ex headbutt…

How do you do an ex hdbtt to lk or rk tackle? What kind of timing should be used for this?

jFP, sMp, ex headbutt into tackle?

it’s easy… the easiest way I can think of is always holding back, like:
you jump and immediatly start holding down/back
as soon as you land you rotate to back+MP (without going neutral), and the immediatly ub+PP.that way you’re always charging back, no need to do fancy partitioning

ok that’s interesting to notice. I thought that by holding down back some frames would get o0ut of place. Damn it, this fucker is alot of work.

mk tackle, mk tackle is so hard. I keep missing the second tackle all the time or I get the f + mk. I also wanted to do mk tackle, mp headbutt but i have no clue how to do that. I can do all the other comboes except this one. Charge partitioning was easier than this shit.

mk tackle, mk tackle is yes, very hard…
the tip is to make sure the first tackle hits perfectly… (not too early and not too late) u said ur getting f+mk, that’s probably bec u do tackle early… timing is crucial… im not a master of this myself but i managed to do the tackles. (lucky strokes i guess )