Can someone help choose a new character to use?

ok, i want to choose a new player, i have a list on who i want to use, i can’t use other characters, is simply because they’re shit, and i can’t do stuff like charge partition or improvise.i kind of really need to learn a new character because i only use shotos and a bit of chun.






You’re going to feel great if you get good enough to beat people with a low tier character.

go Dudley! awesome mid-tier char

You’re from England. Thus, you have to use your country’s hero. DUDLEY. So play him if you have some dignitay.

I would say ibuki shes really fun to use has a bunch of links and cancels. I dont think you could get board of her as fast as other characters

Hugo or Ibuki, that’s who I play on that list.

well ur all wrong and so is that poll. the answer is ALEX.

if you haaaave to then i guess ibuki. dudley is the easiest though.

I’m black. therefore I pick Elena.

ibuki, she is very rewarding if you stick with her and develop a solid defense.

Pick Q.

Learn his 3 combos, some ticks, and one or two resets and you’re good.

:hp:+:hk: all day, son. All day. Make that EARTH tremble!

Pick Ibuki.

Yeah, I was going to say… judging by what you said (the characters you use now and your not-so-great technical ability), I’d say go with Alex like Magneto said. But if it has to be from that list, try Duds or possibly Elena.

Pick her because she is the only black person on that list…

…wait, is duds?

Apparently Duds is actually of Indian origin. So he’s not some proper version of Mike Tyson or nuthin. Yet…lives in Britain. Similar to Mahatma Gandhi. Cept he eventually went back to India and never got as rich as Dudley.

The only black black person in 3S is Elena and she’s still rather light skinneded for an African gurl. That’s just the way they wanted to portray her I guess. Sean is Brazillian which means he has hispanic and african cultures.


OBVIOUSLY. seriously stop saying dudley is indian. that shit pisses me off. dudley is probably loosely based on lennox lewis

Dudley is totally black. Play him out of those though… you probably see best results, unless u wanna spend some serious time with ibuki.

Dudley’s black? He ain’t got no chains or grill and his lips aint dat big. His nostrils aint’ that big eitha. He’s not really down.

I just had to throw in the Indian pitch. There’s really nothing in the story that even suggests that he’s Indian any ways.

There’s really no explination as to why he’s so dark either.

Oh yes, use Sean. He shoots basketball. Very black right there. I bet he plays Madden.

lp+mk+hp hugo is your best bet on a black person there…wesley snipes hugo :tup: