Can someone help me a bit with Sagats Metagame

I always heard Sagat was a easy character but It seems he is a little harder the I thought. For Some reason I just keep getting my ass handed to me lmao, So I decided to go watch videos Mago, Oijisan Boy and Paul. To me what it seems is that they Throw Tiger Shots until the opponent gets close and then they try to push them back with a Cr.Fierch, Tiger Knee, Throw etc, But, when I do this online I get caught doing a Tiger Shot and they Jump in at me, I tried to see how to avoid this but in the videos I can’t Paul and Mago throw shots even if the Oppoenet is at Jumping range but there opponent never jumps at them, Obviously the pros know why better then me but, Why don’t people jump in at sagat while hes throwing his Tiger Shots, Im assuming that the frame recovery isnt long and he can punish but I can’t really tell at the moment cause No one jumps at Paul or Mago in the videos. So can someone please give me the tips or point me to the direction of a thread of how to Use sagat efficiently
Thanks in Advance

There’s a big thread about taking sagat to the next level you should check out.

Also about tiger shots. Lots of players jump in against mago, ojisan, top sagat players ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Sometimes they eat uppercuts, sometimes they land massive game winning combos. Videos don’t tell even half the story of what’s going on inside these players heads.

You’ll learn more from watching videos where top sagat players lose to pick apart how they lost instead of watching videos where they win thinking you can win the same way.

its all a mind game and last second reflexes imo. 50/50. if you jump in and they throw a fireball, then you get a free combo. if you jump in and they dont throw a fireball, you’ll get AA.

also at certain ranges and depending on how late they jump over the fireball, you can AA them even after they jump over ur tigershot.

Good chance they aren’t jumping in on mago or ojisan because they know they aren’t scrubs, and they will get DP’d. I bet the idea of jumping doesnt even cross their minds against a top japanese sagat. I know it wouldn’t cross mine.