Can someone help me beat a scrub?

i use msp, relatively new to the game.i know the basics.
anyway, theres this insanely scrubby player that i cant beat
he uses cable/sentinel/capcom or cable/sentinel/cyclops…and all day he just jumps back and mashes the assist.
especially when he has capcom…all he does is jump back with sentinel and mash the capcom assist.
its just really annoying to lose to a scrub that knows how to do 2 things:

  1. hold up and back, and
  2. mash on 1 button.

any suggestions?
keep in mind i use msp

One of the keys to winning this matchup is to find a way to first bait out the assist that he’s using. Once you do that, you can countercall and punish. Also, look for openings in the match where you can snap in the AAA, and kill the team from the bottom up, or double snap and kill the AAA that way. When playing Scrub and Scrubclops, make sure you play more horizontal than vertical. For example, When Cable super jumps, you can crossup or under afterwards; hell you can go up after him as well. Also, when you super jump, make sure you block the AAA and then air dash.

These are just some general things though, someone should come along with a more in depth stuff.

I hope this helps though.

Another thing to remember (since you’re new) is that you should NOT play psy-fighter.

and thanks cooscoos for the insight.and the insight.and the insight.and the insight

Yeah, sorry about that lol. Pressed the reply button one too many times.

One more thing though, when you’re on the ground, dash up and backdash a lot. And also remember that you make him block Mags once, you win the match.

I’m glad to help though.

holds up back and mashes on a single button?

use storm and throw vertical typhoons, and run away from him… when he realizes that he’s down 80% life and both of you are running away from each other, he’ll try to rush you down… in which case… spam her and rape him… teach a runaway scrub how to fight by running away from him back.

Patience is a virtue in these kinda match ups. If he just jumping back and sending commando/cyclops he isnt doing a lot of block damage so take your time. You only need one combo to get ahead of him in the game which hopefully ends with a dhc to Storm so you can just run away back at him…

very true.
i beat him once the other day it was very rewarding.
but yea, i think the biggest thing to have is patience, and just waiting for the right moment to strike

What you need to know about most run away people is that they always make mistakes but most people dont see it and get owned because they are not patient and get hit by the assists.

for mag

pay attention to things you can punish off. if all he does is “jump back and shoot” and call capcom, then depending on his assist calling pattern, you can catch him with a fuckload of hits since you are using mag.
if he calls assist before u start going in, go vertical s. + dash uf and try to land on his head with kicks.
if he calls assist after u start going in, you can a.) bait his assist and wait for it finish then dash in or b.) ground dash in, block the capcom and sj. and psylocke simultaneously (psylocking capcom to buy time, and sj to prevent him from killing your assist) then you attempt to crossover him. try to be right in front of cable’s face constantly and pressure him so that you can hit both him and his assist b4 capcom can call corridor.

if you dont do it right obviously you will get smacked in the face by his assist or get facewashed by a beam.

for storm

remember whatever you are using, if you feel like you are getting trapped and confined, sj to give yourself some breathing room. runaway carefully with your storm for a bit. give yourself time and wait for the right moment to rushdown/hailpunish.

its safest to hail punish a cable/capcom when cable sj shoots and calls capcom at the same time.
its safest to allow yourself a small timeframe of rushdown when you float down oncable and he calls capcom, which then you would pushblock the corridor and rush cable down. if he blocks your rushdown, dont be a retard and keep on going at him in the same direction. At this juncture you can a.) sj back b.) time yourself knowing that he is smacking the assist button frantically now that you are rushing him and jump forward dash over cable and capcom to continue rushing down. c.) suprise him with a grab.

i cannot stress how important execution is with msp especially in matchup like these. the above is just the part of getting to him, what to do after you get to him is entirely another matter.

theres literally hundreds of scenarios that you can have… im merely just outlining some of the things you can do. theres almost always a counter, or a better solution. Game Theory on mvc2 is just a lol. but instead of just giving general advices this is sort of a scenario to visualize a match out. everything that i said happens in just a few seconds of a match, but those few seconds are probably deciding factors of the match. sounds easy on text, but its much harder to do in the game itself.

Another thing to do at start of match is to jump forward at the beginning assuming you are right next to him. Just a regular jump. if timed right at the beginning you will jump right over cap’s haed and over the his AA. ypu can call psylocke out too i suppose.

Use Blackheart Inferno Assist With Magneto And Storm, That Punk Cant Stop Blackhearts Better Homing In Asssist.

I woul dhave suggested something like this. Then again, I probably wouldnt have worded it as well.

So…I second this!

Learn to wave dash properly. A lot of beginners (me included) tackle or have tackled keepaway wrongly by trying to sj and attack cable/sent from the air, eating capcom and other random shit. Wave dashing on the ground, when Sent jumps back and hk + capcom or cable jump back fierce will gain your Mag/Storm alot of linear advantage, and your options for punishing increases a whole lot more. Because if that’s all the opponent does, jump back attack + assist, he could be eating a dash in and subsequent ROM death if you know what you’re doing.