Can someone help me edit these?

Can someone please change that Ken portrait and sprite to his blue color for me?

Thank you.

Oh snap. Cham with the mighty quickness. :tup:

Cham, how did you edit out the Ken portrait so quickly?

It really isn’t that hard.

There are many different colored pixels, i wonder how he did it because when I try to edit CVS2 portrait, they take forever.

well to be honest… its not that hard…
create new layer… use the brush tool and a dark blue… and brush over the area that you need to recolor… change the blending options… i think i changed it to hue… and viola… i saved the pic as a jpg… opend the jpg and tweeked the hue and saturation… bingo… recolor in less than 3 minutes…

Hmm… For sprites I usually use the color replacer tool. For the CG I prolly woulda just adjusted the colors in the RGB modifyer, then cropped the costume. Just an additional suggestion.

Oh yeah, cham. I remember now. My friend taught me that method but ive been using the replace color method lately and totally forgot.

Thanks a lot Cham.