Can someone help me find these sprites?

I need help finding some specific sprites, it’s actually more like a video clip. I looked through some of the stickies and did a few google searches, but found nothing. Maybe because the sprite i need is relatively new, hell, it might not even exist yet. I need one from advance wars ds, I need the clip of a dual strike in photoshopable form. This is the first av i’m going to attempt making myself, so if anyone knows where to get this, it would be appreciated.

Is there a NDS emu yet?
if not, they dont exist.

hey toy…how would i rip sprites anywayz from an emu? like gba… pm me if you can’t say it here.

:sad:There goes my dream avatar.:sad:
Let’s just say it was gonna involve a dual strike and naruto.

As long as its already a thread can somone help me find the Chin win pose where its kinda a parody on ryu’s pose?