Can someone help me get pro at yang?

Hi I have been lurking around this forum for about two years, so I decided I will register an account to get better. This forum is great, I have been prowling through the other sections every night and recently the SFIV forums has given me so much information, I hope SFIV owns.
I have been looking at videos of matches on youtube and WOW I am so inspired by the ‘beasting’ videos. I decided I wanted to get pro at yang. If you have not seen Roshihikari and KO playing yang, I recommend you do. I bet there will be a lot of noobs saying they are going to main in yang after they see them LOL.
Well I have to admit, I am one of those scrubs that only started playing SF3 when it got emulated on MAME, and after that been watching youtube videos. Is there anyone of you here who can help me become pro at yang? I want to own my opponents with those combos they cant even retaliate or do anything, just looking at the screen and getting owned.
Looking at the different aspects of the matchups, there is no reason to think that yang cannot be a top tier player.
Some noob is probably going to say yang doesn’t have good options butI have done my homework, I’ve seen the past SBO matches on youtube and I can say that yang is quite severly underated (if you think otherwise, I would like to hear what why and hopefully point you to some vids).
Three other reason why Yang owns:

  1. He has style. Winning ugly like most of the time with Chun is not what fighting games is about.
    If you own and have style with flashiness, then you became famous, ala RX (if you see those noobs getting owned in KoF by Geese Howard)

  2. He is fast. Does not matter what the opponent skill is. If you are fast, they can’t even anticipate what you are doing. They just sit there watching themselves getting owned.

  3. Unblockable. If you practice enough with the super art 3 you will eventually notice it can be unblockable. Urien anyone? Enough said.

So can someone give me all the best guidelines to be the pro yang player can a decent player here teach me?

i dont know much about yang, but i would suggest starting here:

WTF is this shit?

There’s a Yang forum, yo.

indeed 2 years of lurking think you would have noticed it