Can someone help me get pro at yang?

Hello! I am not new to this forum I have been prowling around for some time. I posted at the General Strategy section but just seems they want me to post here, so I will bring the topic here.

I have been looking at videos of matches on youtube and WOW I am so inspired by the ‘beasting’ videos. I decided I wanted to get pro at yang. If you have not seen Roshihikari and KO playing yang, I recommend you do. I bet there will be a lot of noobs saying they are going to main in yang after they see them LOL.
Well I have to admit, I am one of those scrubs that only started playing SF3 when it got emulated on MAME, and after that been watching youtube videos. Is there anyone of you here who can help me become pro at yang? I want to own my opponents with those combos they cant even retaliate or do anything, just looking at the screen and getting owned.
Looking at the different aspects of the matchups, there is no reason to think that yang cannot be a top tier player.
Some noob is probably going to say yang doesn’t have good options butI have done my homework, I’ve seen the past SBO matches on youtube and I can say that yang is quite severly underated (if you think otherwise, I would like to hear what why and hopefully point you to some vids).
Three other reason why Yang owns:

  1. He has style. Winning ugly like most of the time with Chun is not what fighting games is about.
    If you own and have style with flashiness, then you became famous, ala RX (if you see those noobs getting owned in KoF by Geese Howard)

  2. He is fast. Does not matter what the opponent skill is. If you are fast, they can’t even anticipate what you are doing. They just sit there watching themselves getting owned.

  3. Unblockable. If you practice enough with the super art 3 you will eventually notice it can be unblockable. Urien anyone? Enough said.

So can someone give me all the best guidelines to be the pro yang player can a decent player here teach me?

PS. if you are one of those scrubs who started playing SF3 when it got emulated then I prefer if you dont post anything unless you are real sure.

  1. Not everyone gives a damn if you win flashy or not (look at tokido).

  2. He’s not that fast. People can and will block.

  3. There’s no unblockable.

If you want to ‘own your opponents with those combos’, play Yun.

The end.

I don’t think you know the full extent of Yang’s power. Have you even seen the professional players use him, go check it out on youtube. If you piece together the nifty tricks and bargains with Yang, like I am trying to do, he will probably be a total pwnage character, like back in the days when Sagat used to own so I hear.

  1. I didn’t say flashy is everything, but he owns because he can win flashy.

  2. True that people can block, but Yang is fast and he has abilities to keep you guessing. Like his teleportation, if you do it fast enough and surprising enough, and your fingers are fast enough, they would be forced to eat damage.

  3. There is at least one unblockable. If you don’t know this I suggest you practice with your Yang more (I am assuming you are a Yang player). Just look on youtube and find the Yang SF3 Anniversary DVD Tutorial.

Stop being such a troll. And if you’re not a troll, read the threads.

And there are no unblockables.


I was just checking here to see if you would have already replied. Wow. Obviously you think you are in a position where you skills are good enough to overturn what has already been proven. I suggest you go look for yourself at the Anniversary DVD.
Maybe your misunderstanding of SF3 has led you to making such offensive comments as calling me ‘such a troll’?

Anyway, I didn’t come here for the sake of arguing, unlike many of the people in this forum wants to do. I just came here to figure out how to own with Yang.

I suggest that you look at the threads that have tested the false-unblockable and shown that it’s nothing more than a mixup.


When you are shown the proof of the unblockable (s). Then you will be shamed. SHAMED.

Oh wait, you are probably just gonna go on the defensive again and use that magic word ‘troll’.

Again, either you are completely misinformed and adamant in your ignorance, or you’re just a troll.


P.S. Let’s see how fast I can respond.

THere really is no unblock able with yang

  1. Define flashy.
  2. Yang is vulnerable during every frame of his teleport, except for the few frames where he disappears from the screen.
  3. Seiei divekicks can be blocked by blocking normally. They are not unblockable.


this thread is hilarious

Proven and TESTED:

Unblockable on Urien and Q - [media=youtube]TS2nZkEOHng[/media]

Unblockable on Hugo (used by KO’s Yang) - [media=youtube]qc0MgoFla2A[/media]

I don’t know how many more unblockables there are, it seems to be character specific.

Watch and be shamed. It seems that you are the one who is completely misinformed. Who made you SF3’s master? I said at the beginning if you are a scrub who only started playing on emulated, then don’t post here. So stop posting in this thread.

  1. Flashy means not playing in a way that is good to watch. And Yang CAN be flashy, of course if you choose to play him not flashy, that is possible. But the opposite of flashy would be two players using Heavy Kicks on each other until one dies. Now I have seen some flashy Yang matches. A way to describe flashy could be like in Combo videos. Go watch KYSG videos on SF3 if you have not seen them.

  2. Yes he is vulnerable and I knew that. That does not make the move redundant.

  3. Have a look at what I posted above.

Stop being such a shitty troll.

Seiei enbu divekicks are completely blockable, like I said originally it’s only a mixup, exactly how a crossup divekick works.


Edit: And how is that even an unblockable on Q? Are you serious?

The anniversary dvd is unbelievably outdated. Have you even tested these ‘unblockables’ out? :lol:

Edit#2: Against YSB, KO’s ‘unblockable’ gets blocked in the same match in round 2. Awesome.

Once again you have decided to come back here to post in this post, probably checking here everytime now, aren’t you. I already said that you input is not needed here, but you are adamant to not lose in this argument that you have baited.
If you consider me trolling, why are you responding and checking up every so often, you are probably just trying to troll your way to 200 posts or something.

I must admit that dive kick on Hugo can be blocked, you seem to put much effort into watching the video. Have a look at the Q unblockable, and try it yourself, instead of pretending to be the SF3 master. If you play against half decent players, you are probably going to get beasted.

Now leave this thread alone, because we are trying to get pro at Yang, we aint got time for pretending to be skillz scrubs here.

  1. completely read other yang threads
  2. ???
  3. profit!!!

Good god, you can’t even respond to the right person, troll.

Please troll harder.

I like how to try to gloss over the fact that you agree that the unblockable didn’t work on Hugo. I also like how you mention Q as an unblockable example, when the video showed Yang going high and Q blocked low.



Probably some person who has little else to do other than keep checking here to pleasure himself in some argument. Since I know you are vividly checking when I post and prepared to respond once I post, I will not respond anymore to prevent you any opportunity to do so.
Each new post that you make in this thread from now on is a new troll attempt.

That ‘Wasted’ account name is probably made by you as well to help yourself in this argument. I notice that it is e-hustling me, and he just joined this forum March 2008.

maybe you just dont know what a cross up is…?

Yes, I check here only to pleasure myself in an argument. Right now I’m masturbating furiously with one hand while typing out my reply.

I’m still unsure whether you’re a troll or just a moron, seeing as the latter is generally the most common poster I see, I can’t make any quick assumptions.

I already disproved [or to be accurate, you were simply unable to back them up] your stupid theories, just so that anyone who actually wants to be good with Yang [and not because of the ultra sick comboZ] doesn’t take any incorrect information from reading the Yang forum, of all places.


Edit: Hmm, judging from the way you brought up how Wasted must be a secondary account of mine [and also taking into account the way you seem to be trying to type like a dim-witted random], I’m leaning towards you being a sloppy troll.

But in ANY case, yes, masturbating furiously.