Can someone help me in

can someone help me in telling me how to create my own template for my madcatz SE stick…I seen the thread but it only talks about the TE template not the SE…I have a ill design and I don’t know how to make it in the computer and but I know to take it to kinkos and get it Lami-Label cause I read it but how do I do it…do I keep it in my email then go to kinkos get them to print it out? I would appreciated if someone can guide me through this

yo dav3yb

that thread is all about TE templates I looked at the whole thing and theres nothing about SE template and what size its the template of the SE stick…I got the “what to do to create a lami label design from kinkos down” but I don’t know the size of the SE stick template.

just download the psd file in the link that dav3yb gave you. open the template in photo shop and then you can start creating your artwork. i just printed it on 8.5 x 11 paper and the size pretty much came out perfectly.

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I have it now but how do I put my image in that template? I tried to put it in since I have the image in my file but doesn’t do it…kinda a noob in computers…so do i just take it to kinkos and let them put the pic in the template? oh shit i need help lol…

It is image editing, not technical computer stuff.
You have to do it yourself, not FedEx Kinkos.


this a decent tutorial