Can someone help me make dis AV?


Maybe if u can make it look like dis background, but make it look like snow. (so the background would be a white/black color.)

Also put dis omega red picture in the middle, and put my name in some place too.

I think dis will be pretty crazy, can someone help me out?? Who can do dis is a Master of AV making.:lovin:


:wonder: Dem linkz no wurk rite… dewd?


Sorry, I think the links should work now.


Dang, that Omega Red picture would be too rough for me to work with. Maybe someone else can work with it. :sad: Sorry… dood.


shucks…das okay, but thanks for taking a look.


Heres the deal.
The snow backround is no problem.
I can probably make one better.
But your gonna need to be open to using a diffrent omega red pic.
Ill do it if you understand that.


shoots! I’m open for a new omega red pic!


Ok, ill get right on it.


Ok, hows this:


Ah what the hell,i’ll retake it and you can wear it after the one Jester made for you or whenever you want

Avs=not serious business :stuck_out_tongue:


errrrrr my attempt but i like xjester’s alot more


XJester: Damn, the Master of AV making for sure, but you think you can make my name more visible like Gumz?

Worthless: I thought you forgot about me.:sad: You still would make an AV for me?? I wanted an AV from you cuz you’re AV work is Master style for real, thanks for remembering me. :slight_smile:

GUMz: Thanks for trying to make me an AV, I like XJester’s AV more too. I still give you props for making me an AV.


This better?


Yes, thanks a lot XJester. ::jumps with joy:: ::Yells out, XJester is a Master at making AVs:: Damn, thanks bro.


XJester: Crappy, it’s to big I can’t save it as my AV, you think u can help me some how?


My bad.


XJester: Thanks for the resize. The AV looking sweet.


Not a problem.