Can someone help me out here!

I have a friend that just picked up Cable Sentinel and Psylock… and the change to full first tier is making me have alot of trouble, and to be honest im not winning anymore ha… i use Magneto and psylock, but i was looking to storm for a third character to fill the slot, is this a good idea against that team? i mean the cable keep away crap is preventing me from geting close, teamed up with sentinels defense and psylocks assist… the clock just goes away and he wins. Any suggestions? i really need some pointers becuase i really going from winning all the time to just plain losing.

Try picking up Team Scrub.

ok it seems you don’t have skills then

first off learn to tri jump

then learn to rom

then reset

and don’t forget to get the snapbacks in

and thats just mag.

for storm/psy

learn to zone and bait.

and learn her combos

basic magic series, LAxxLS

blah blah blah

learn to play msp, and you should win.

So you realize he has no skills, and then you tell him to play MSP at his level?

Yeah, he’ll win a lot of games that way.

for me i picked up the basics with lower tiers then scrub then moved on to other teams. really, once you have learned the basics you can scrap top tier teams played by non-skilled people if all they do is like rocket punch all day.
don’t get too attached to scrub, try out other teams as well to find out what you really like.
and btw what was your original team?

since his team AAA is psylocke, its more of a anti-rushdown/defensive AAA compared to a capcom AAA. if im not off by far, its his psylocke that kills your magneto off. imho a psy AAA is more dangerous than a capcom AAA for a mag player. try to bait his psy out. assuming he has cable on point (and i don’t really know how skillful your friend is), use your mag sj/dash over him and he will most likely call out psylocke when you land so block first, and call psylocke out to beat out his assist then do your thing with mag now that you are close. it sounds easy but depending on what his cable does it might or might not work. the moment your psylocke comes out, if it doesnt hit his cable then trijump him so that he does not punish your psylocke.