Can someone help me out with getting 3s on dc right now please?

I would like third strike on dc. Can anyone send it to me via AIM or does anyone know of a way to get it? That would be REALLY sweet. Thanks.


can anyone tell me how to delete a thread?


nice vid. : )

Also Keith ended up helping me out with 3s so thank you Keith.

P.S… You just earned yourself a MM at RSWS Grant.

1st to 3 for $3

When we going clubbing Taiga_knee???

Damn I hope never

Theo gettin his ignorant on

Maybe next time I come up depending on whether Mandel pulls through this time. :wonder: If he shows I’ll prob be hangin at Jetay’s but if not then maybe we can go out. You can’t bring Peter though.

funny enough you’re the one who knows about and posted the video guy. And since you posted the white peoples version of pop and lock I’ll give you the white peoples version of a Rap Battle.

It’s the Math vs Dose battle translated.

I cant bring peter??? LOL why ??

not baller enough. and too short.