Can someone help me out?


Lately, for some reason or another, I’ve been having good connections, but my battles keep getting canceled for little to no reason. The connections are like 2-3 bars most of the time, but my matches keep getting canceled out of nowhere. Can someone help me out with this?


When you are in the middle of the character select screen and then the game quits? Are you playing Pc or console?


I’m assuming you play on PS3. If you do, do you play using a WiFi or ethernet connection? If you use WiFi, have you forwarded all the PSN ports?


On PS3. I tried doing ports, but it was god awful and I locked the whole family out of our internet for a solid 24 hours, so no, I haven’t. <:X


If its wifi, non-forwarded ports are the only thing I can think of. Restricted NATs from non-forwarded ports cause all sorts of problems on PSN and XBL. If you haven’t been disconnecting before though, its weird that you are now. Try unplugging the router’s power for 10 secs and turning it back on.


Will do! :tup: