Can someone help me solve this?

If you smoke, you probably heard on the news about South Carolina’s low (7%) tobacco tax. My parents are harping on me to find some cheaper smokes for them. They currently pay almost 50 bucks for 2 cartons of . I called a few places in South Carolina hoping to hear these “much lower” prices the news anchors were spouting off about, only to find only a 5-8 dollar difference in price. What’s going on here? Are the idiots reporting the news only looking at the tax rate, and assuming that since it’s lower than other states, that cigarettes MUST be drastically cheaper and not considering that the sellers might be adjusting the pre-tax prices higher in order to make something close to what tobacco sellers in other states make? I tried calling supermarkets, convenience stores, truck stops, it’s always the same.

Buy online. Or quit. :tup:

They’re not quitting. They’re both over 60 and in my opinion, also addicted to caffeine (Dad: coffee and tea all day, mom: at least 5 sodas a day). Weak-willed.

$5-8 isn’t much to you?

So, which half is it that wants to fight?

$50 for 2 cartons is expensive? That’s the price for one carton out here in Cali.

Will they not buy online? Cause that’s what I heard a lot of people do when their state imposes a high tax on cigs. I checked a couple of sites on a quick google and saw cartons as low as 15 - 17$ a carton. If they’re worrying about shippong, just buy in build and save.

e-cigs? maybe that can be an answer.

Shipping charges will rape though, seriously. You end up paying about the same price and the shipping generally takes about 2 months.

Indeed they do. my dad’s insisting that S. Carolina has some super-cheap cigarettes “according to the news”, but I haven’t been able to find them. I ask people in SC what the tax is, and if it’s been raised as was proposed nov '09, and they can’t tell me. Dad thinks, apparently, that it’s so important that everyone in SC should know their state’s tobacco tax rates, and also that if I was actually trying, I would be able to find ANYTHING online, since I’m the “resident computer expert” in the house (he’s too lazy to use his own pc, and when he does, he sits there stupidly at google’s start page, asking me what he should enter when he wants to look for something). Last I checked, knowing how to use a search engine that an 8 year old can navigate without trouble does NOT qualify anyone for expert status.

As for the cigarette situation: I’m nearly sure that although SC has a lower tax, they have a higher pre-tax price, which is why there’s not much price difference between there and Florida, and the media is not taking the initial price into account when reporting…but I can’t find any source to confirm it. This is just what it looks like to me. I need concrete proof.

I say you tell that to shop for their own fucking cigarettes. Get their asses in a car, drive around until you find the price you like.

in NJ when i lived there it was $70 for a carton. shit is ridiculous