Can someone help me with advice on playing arcade stick?

I’ve been playing training arcade stick consistently for about 3 months now and I’m having lots of trouble with it. My game is 3rd Strike. My problem is that the only good players I play are basically online and the last time I was at a tournament was back when I was pad playing so I didn’t really take notice on how people hold their arcade sticks and do motions and such. Believe it or not, I just haven’t found a tutorial at all on transitioning from pad to arcade stick. I use a Sanwa octagonal gate. I currently hold an arcade stick with my hand resting on the left and use just my thumb and index fighter only on the sides of the stick. I don’t know the main way people hold it. If people can describe to me that would be a start.

It’s just something you gotta feel out after a while. There isn’t a “right” way to hold a stick. I know a guy who crosses his arms and holds the stick with his right hand a buttons with his left. I have no damn idea how he plays like that, but it works for him.

true.try findind your own style.Personnally i hold it nearly the same way you do,resting the palm helps me for accuracy with fingers.
you should get a 4 way gate instead of octogonal

It took me a minute to adjust from pad to stick but i am fully transitioned now. I put my pinky and ring finger inbetween the stick, but alot of people play different ways like guy above me said. Find something that feels comfortable for you.

As its been implied before…It’s a matter of training your instinct. My playing style changed when I switched from keyboard to stick because I couldn’t do the things I could do easily with my fingers on keyboard when I needed to with the stick. I still mess up combos I can do perfectly on keyboard. Except that doesn’t happen for games I got into after starting to use stick and I cant play those games I got into afterwards on keyboard much. In short…you’ll need plenty of training with it. Pick a way of holding…don’t treat it like bible and keep practicing.

Yeah you’ll figure it out after you keep playing. People play all sorts of ways. I mean heck, there are players from Mexico who play reverse handed. (They cross their hands.) I wouldn’t advocate that, but people have different methods.

If you just desire to see a video, there are videos on youtube showing players hands. Look for “Diagos hands”, Harmonaz has a kara raging demon tutorial where it shows his hands, etc. There are videos if you just want to see how other people have gone about it.

First of all ditch the octagonal gate. I know some people think they can do stuff better on them, but once I made the switch to sticks I struggled with that thing. You will find over time that it is easier to do precise motions without the gate, even if that seems counter-intuitive to you right now. I started out playing on american sticks and switched to japanese and it definitely felt strange at first. I am about 3 months into my switch to japanese sticks and while I still haven’t mastered the best way for me to hold the thing, I am vastly improved over the old Happ stick, and definitely leaps and bounds over a pad.

The method that I use is that I put my index finger around the ball, then keep my middle finger behind the ball (the side toward you), and put my thumb resting on the ball too. The rest of my fingers just kinda rest there doing nothing. The thing I had most trouble with was getting used to doing motions on both sides with equal precision. Find the way to hold it that enables you to do this and stick with it.

The HAPP American thing what you’re refering to is actually a circular gate which has no corners, just a circle. An octagonal gate has 8 corners and mine is a japanese stick. What you might be playing is a square gate which is also a Japanese stick.

The sensitivity of Japanese sticks doesn’t require you to follow the gate to activate the switches in the correct way. This is key in learning how to play on Japanese sticks in my opinion. I suppose the octagonal gate gives you a false sense that you need to follow the gate while a square gate makes your diagonals feel weird cause your not touching anything. Do 360s on a square gate you’ll see what I mean. But whatever gets it done in game. As long as things are coming out in-game you’ll get it soon enough. Just don’t get discouraged because it didn’t feel correct.

Holding the stick is a different story, but I think you should start with just index and thumb doing all the work while the rest of the hand just rests on the stick. That should at least your whole hand doing the motions correctly versus getting individual fingers to do it. Don’t experiment too much with the grips, if what works for you now is working just stick with it. I’ve never heard of anyone improving their game just from changing grips.

Personally I like Happ style because of the heavier spring, they feel a lot sturdier and that’s what I started with.

FYI, Sanwa JLWs and Semistsu sticks also have different gates. the JLW also has a full circular gate option while I think the Semistsu have a special 6-way kind of gate.

Took me like 8 months to even start to get comfortable, so be prepared for a long period of time where you can’t do shit.
Keep your thumb on the right side of the ball unless you’re wineglassing though, it makes dashing left a lot easier.

couldn’t tell it better,the key is making the stuff turn into an invisible gate,though you slightly touch the gate.
Yet i noticed most people who start with stick have this trouble of following the gate like mad and it’s really bad,though i understand it’s not easy,and a good way for people fully used to handling sticks to experiment what learners do feel,is switching your hands and trying to play,it looks like you have to learn everything,quite funny