Can someone help me with the airthrow part of MM's infinite?

I can’t seem to do it.

Well Its just hard for me to air throw, having never learned the timing. Usually when I’m playing Magz I can’t do it either. So can someonie help me with it? I just played for 30 minutes trying to airthrow and my success rate is like 5%

Are you talking about in an air combo XX relaunch?

If thats what you mean, you start with SJ Jab, short, jab pause then any direction + fierce. Then OTG short, blah blah blah.

LP, LK, HK, S.Jump, LP, LK, LP, LK, Forward+HP xx LK(on ground), HK, S.Jump, Repeat.

You can also do my little trick to fool most Human Players;

LP, LK, HK, S.Jump, LP, LK, LP, LK, Forward+HP xx LP(in the air), Dash behind, LK, HK, S.Jump, LP, LK xx Hyper Mega Man :tup:

One day I’ll film it =_=

I love catching human players with that, probably my favorite trick w’ mega man… its a good idea to mix it up by not dashing back though if you play people who are expecting it, cause its easy to see comming if you do it to someone whos looking for it

i can never get the inf to repeat… i got no problems wit the air throw, but after the j.lp, lp, hp… they just fall out of it…

does anyone have any idea what i may be doing wrong here?

I need to bump this thread because I was wondering the exact same thing.

Do the air combo up to strong, which pops them a little higher to keep in pace with your sprite, and then airthrow them. Practicing helps.