Can someone help me with this old Marvel comic saga?


When I was a kid, I found a Marvel comic that had animals becoming robotic and attacking other animals and people. I think it was “The Terminus War” or something. The last page I remember had a commentary by somebody who’d found out what was going on, and he was saying that he hoped it hasn’t reached the food chain, while the panels showed a bear catching a salmon, then the bear’s fur fell off to show metal and his eyes turned red, and it said “to be continued in Iron Man” I can’t remember what issue that was…


could it have been avengers the terminatrix objective? it was released in 93 if that helps.


No…this is from when I was a KID…maybe just turned 11. I’m 29 now.


Yeah I think I remember that guy from back in the day…



Sounds alot like Sonic the Hedgehog to me…



THAT’S what I’m talking about. Thank you. And Spuddly, wtf are you talking about? You must really like Sonic. Man, those comics sucked so hard.