can someone help me?


yesterday i was working on a new stick for the Dreamcast…

and when i put the controller in to test it out after i was done with it…

it didnt want to play or anything…
i checked and checked the controller and nothing?

then i plugged in the arcade sticks i made and and regular controller…
and it still didnt play?

i never had this problem before…

im pretty sure its messed up :sad:


You fried the DC controller board. Easy fix though.


and check your stick to make sure you dont have a short between the power and ground. Something like that is usually what fries them.


thanx guys :smile:

the website doesnt work :sad:


Word, I can up a tutorial to my webspace.

Sorry about that.


just get a new DC


For a fried controller port? That seems like a waste, even given how cheap used DCs are.

You don’t even REALLY need to replace the resistor, just twist it till the two legs/wires meet and make a connection. Should work just fine.


thanx a bunch man :tup:


I followed that same tutorial to fix my controller board, cause same thing happened to me while working on my DC stick.

Best of luck.