Can someone help with this?



i was goof ing off and i wanted help.

c.hp, /\ addf lp, psy assist, c.hp…


cant call assist while you sj… unless your in fly mode.



just before i hit the ground it lets me assist. i am on the ps2 version and i don’t know if that makes a difference.


call the psy before you super jump, and it will work


No it wont. The psy assist is to fast. Mags isnt fast enough to do the combo and hit the assist. Hey where in NY do you live?


this has been repeated on countless forums way too much. you can NOT call assists in superjump mode. NO EXCEPTIONS.


You can’t call assist while in superjump mode like many have said.

What can happen tho… is the assist coming out right before you land because you hit the person while there feet were on the ground. This won’t combo because as soon as your opponent’s feet hit the ground they will be able to block immediately. I could be wrong someone elaborate for me, cuz i’m lazy.


if u get the hk off fast enough, like, low enough to the ground, it will work… i just tested it out… u have to be below half way to ur maximum super jump… like 30% of ur max height, or about 1.25 normal jumps high, and it works fine

i live in brooklyn, but right now i’m in college in pennsylvania


just use…
c.hp addf lk lk (land) assist (land) c.hp…



uuuummm… no i dont think so… like many have said… YOU CANNOT CALL AN ASSIST WHILE IN SUPERJUMP!!! unless u are in deadfall… like after psylocke’s kachogachure super or an flight cancel… but not really superjump mode after all…

there ya go!


no shit… call psy before you super jump, and quickly, addf, and it will kick them into psylocke. not hard


I think I might know why he thinks you can assist during a sj… you CAN press the assist button just before landing from a sj and it WILL come out… but not until after you land. It works because the engine stores the button inputs for later use. But it’s better not to call the assist until after you land since it comes out more reliably.


Ok ill try it.


call it BEFORE you super jump. then super jump and hk immediately, and you’ll kick them into her… BEFORE as i’ve said a thousand times already


there… i taped it… it’s just launch, call psy, sj, hk, addf, clk, chk, rom…


Good shit man, now people have a vid to watch. Not only did u prove yur point, but u also added the ROM in there…

U should post a link to this in the ROM thread cuz. . . now people can view it and stop whinning!!! j/k :lol:


yeah, well i just realized that i did it different than what he had said, but i still showed that you can get psylocke to hit after a it’s nothing hard

i just want every1 to know that i will never tell some1 a combo or give advice for a combo that i haven’t done myself. i’m not a scrub.


Sorry, I never doubted it worked, I was reffering to the first poster’s combo (where he tried to call an assist DURING his superjump) in my post. Guess that’s what I get for waiting so long to post… came in during the wrong part of the conversation :slight_smile:


his works exactly how he said it, if he meant psy hits at that time, not that he calls at that time. he can call before the super jump, and it will work 100% perfectly


The way he first posted it looks like he meant to call psy after the to me, and judging by his post later on, that probably IS what he meant:

I was saying he probably thinks he’s calling the assist before he hits the ground because he’s pressing the button for the assist while he’s still in the air… but psy doesn’t actually come out untill after he lands. This method works also… although the way he was trying to do it wouldn’t work well (if at all) He’d have to substitute the [sj.lp] with [,] and then add a rejump [,] to keep them in hitstun 'till psy comes out.

Still, your combo is closer to his… I was only speculating on what he was trying to do.

EDIT: Looking at his post again, it can really go either way as to what he was trying to say. I guess the only one who can clear it up is him… not that it really matters now anyway :slight_smile: