Can Someone Help

I want to work on chunli but i found that when i get trapped in the corner it really hard to get out. i tried to parry and then go into a super but the other fighter mixs his moves up so much that i cant work out when to parry. can someone give me some tips please, thanx

Sorry, it’s against my beliefs to help a Chun Li player.

lol streak, that’s whack. anyway, liquid first of all you should post this in the chun-li forum as ‘anti chun’ or whatever. second, if the opponent is going to mix up then you might have to get hit a few times then once you know his mixups start to see patterns and predict his attack. there is no strat that will win against a mixup especially when ur cornered… except maybe roll (but this isn’t cvs2 -_-). that’s all i can add from my scrubby 3s knowledge.

I agree with Streak, but hell, whaddaya gonna do.

EX Spinning Bird Kick is pretty much a catch-all against pressure and wakeup attacks. It’s like a Chun SRK. Throw that out when he’s crowding you, and if he blocks it, charge and throw another one right when you’re done, in case he thinks he can punish you. After getting hit with that once or twice, he’ll prolly back the hell up for a little while, so you can go back to spamming fierces and trying to land low mks.

N - Though if it were me, I’d just parry -> throw into corner. But I’m hardcore etcetera.

wake up EX spinning bird followed by another one immediately

edit : bleh, beaten by like 2 seconds

trying to parry into super against someone who’s actively tricking you usually doesn’t work, maybe you should try to parry less and work on the basics first (blocking zoning combos etc etc). Know how far all her moves stretch onscreen, how fast they are, and which have what recovery. The parry is an act that (despite those few gauranteed parry situations that we all love) you have to do ‘cold’, like, it depends on your opponent doing something, perhaps you would do better to concentrate on tactics that are more secure, at least at first. Build a solid, systematic game around the basics (read up & practice).

That’s something that you have to deal with yourself. Nobody can really “Teach” you that.

Also, there are times when you have to consider the skill of your opponents. Considering how cheap Chun is, if these other guys are beating you back to back then you may need to change your approach to the fight. It sounds like they are “Reading” you. If that is the case where an opponent is seeing what I like to do in certain situations, then I would change my approach and mix it up myself.

-If they know you use jab/fwd for anti-airs… start going for Kara-airthrow counters or dash under+throw.
-If they know you jump-in with double fierce… start empty jumps+throw.
-If they block your lw Forwards constantly… do a lwFwdxxOverheadSplit(HCB+K). It comes out very fast.
-If you’re close, try her OffCrouch Roundhouse to cross-up. But don’t overuse it.