Can someone look over my team?

i use hayato with magneto and storm, does anyone think im missing anything?
honestly i think im missing a good AAA but idk. im open to suggestions

If you’re looking for a good AAA, Psylocke is always a good choice. She can support Hayato very well since he lacks good ground-to-air moves.

Cable and Tron are also good choices for Hayato just like many other low tiers.

yeah i never really liked cable but tron i should try her i was also considering CapCom but eh…idk

If you want to play Hayato against more easily abusable characters, he’ll need adequate support that depends on the opposing team or your style of play. He works best in the mid-range because his jump-ins and pokes have great range, and if you see an opening, qcf+lp can silence assists and punish well. Memorize the plasma combos, but don’t rely on them too much for their laggy start-up; it’s just a good situational thing. And remember you can combo any super including the plasma sphere off of two cr. lk.
When I play Hayato and I’m not just dicking around as usual, I’ll go Hayato Exp.(comes out very fast, can sometimes stuff Storm assist)/Sent. Grnd/ Tron Proj . This is a good lock-down team with heavy damage output, and air plasma sphere makes for a safe dhc into Sentinel. No AAA here, but if you put on enough pressure, you may not need it. I also like Hayato/IM/Psylocke together. The first two have excellent reach, and Psy’s AAA makes them both twice as good (Yes, mid-screen guard break!)
If you don’t like playing all the standard tier faces like some people, just keep in mind Hayato leaves himself open a lot, so he pairs well with characters that offer a lingering projectile to cover his whiffs. Also, if you’re battling Sentinel and you can time their attacks well, Hayato’s air heavy moves can beat him out and position you well. Lastly, as one of the more over-looked characters in this game, many players I’ve faced aren’t familiar with his entire combo set and potential, so if you’re good, you’ll likely have surprise on your side.

yeah im thinking about picking up psylocke’s AAA, what do you think about…megaman as a possible partner?

I love playing Megaman, but that team wouldn’t have too many advantages, aside from being really irritating. MM’s buster shots and the speed of Psy AAA and Hayato Exp might be enough to stuff most assists. If it sounds good to you, try it, though. One cool thing… If you pull of Psylocke’s BnB air combo ending in butterflies, you can dhc into MM’s Beat Plane, wait till the enemy is about to hit the ground, and start firing. And everyone knows the unspoken rule - If you get killed by Beat Plane you have to leave the room in shame.

haha that is classic. i would love to try it. the group i would probably use for messing around but yeah i like playing hayato with mags too so i guess its just finding an alternative for storm in my group

At the moment i’m playing Hayato/Sent/Cable or Psylocke.

Psylocke is the better AAA but Cable is a beast. Should i practice more with Psylocke since techincally that should be a better team?

Definitely. I think Tron/Psylocke is Hayato’s best option, but Sent’s drones are always a plus.