Can Someone make a dvd cover? (Best work gets a free shipment)

Um Yea it seems my partner in crime is out of commission for a bit. But i need this made ASAP.

Now if someone can make a dvd cover(Disc and Case) OF “Omnismash: A super smash bros. Melee tournament”, Ill personally send in a free DVD disc.

Now here’s the instructions:

-Must have SSBM characters.
-Must have Date of the tournament: February 19, 2005
-Must have Title of coarse: Omnismash: A super smash bros. Melee tournament
-Must have this in the back. "Florida’s finest: Noucles, FoxhoundMaster, Lambchops, Maverick, Flowinwater and many more.

“Executive Producers: Motoki Imawano, Young Ic3, Cloudken, “your name” 2005 Beast Coast Productions, LLC. Manufactured by Empire Arcadia Inc. Marketed by: Azn-Anjelz Productionz. Distributed by Beast Coast/Empire Arcadia.”

-Thats about it.

Thx in advance for doing this if you are. If you’re going to do this make sure its before the 20th of april.


eh, sure ill give it a try. so are you wanting it flashy or just simple?

<—i consider my ava flashy.

Flashy will do. Thx alot :tup:

I’m interested in this DVD…can you pm me some details please!

What’d you mean by fix them? You aren’t going to supply them or what?