Can someone make a logo for my business?


Im looking to see if someone can make a nice looking logo for my business, Alpha Electronics. I want a logo that looks futuristic, but can also go on a business card or something. Can anyone help? Id like the name of the business to be in the logo as well. It could be text and image or just text. Can someone help? I will give props for the logo on my website as well. Thanks in advance.


well hm. would money be in this aswell?


Hmmm, how bout this. If anyone makes me a logo that I actually like and can use, ill pay them $25. Its not much but its all I can spare for now. :wink:


bah, stingy. =\


Now that I look at the text for the shoryuken website, I would like to see what “Alpha Electronics” would look like with that kind of text. Can anyone do this?



i’m not the greatest designer but i can try. talk to me about what you’re interested in more specifically over AIM (my SN is robotnik125) or PMs. are we talking a small logo or what? message me with the details and i’ll decide if i think i can do it.

also i know some HTML and have friends who could teach me javascript (which ive heard is easy) so if you don’t plan on making a complex website i might be able to help with that (for a small fee of course)

i basically have no experience designing for others but for that reason i’m willing to work for cheap so let me know.


Dont do it. Dudes just tryin to get a free ride, 25 bucks is really cheap. Hes going to take you for a ride, you will agree to the 25 bucks, then youre gonna spend the next few weeks reworkin it, and its going to be on his business cards, flyers website and whatever else and all you charged was 25 bucks. Shitty, base logos are 100 bucks. Companies pay thousands, you know how much Nikes logo cost? 30 grand. For a fucking check mark.

But I will give you some pointers beat. When making logos, make them vector so they can be any size. You should make them 2 spot colors (Pantone Matching System) so its cheaper to print. But if they want full color, you certainly have more room for color ideas. Make it no larger than 2in x 2in… Most of the time like 1.5x2. Just see how it fits on a business card (3.5x2). Do a test print to see if its readable and all that. When you show the designs to a client you want to have 3 versions for them to choose. Show each logo at 100% (bottom of the page) 200% (top of the page) and 300%(middle of the page), its standard practice so they can see it at the various sizes.


exactly my point(s).


Well, theres the difference. Nike probably paid a professional company that amount of money to make their logo for them. I do not run Nike. I run a different business, way smaller which im sure you guys knew. I was hoping someone would take a quick stab at it so that I could use it on my website, but if no one wants to help a fellow SRK member, then its ok. If someone is interested in helping, just drop me a PM. Thanks again.





automatic, go away please. your stuff is honestly pretty ugly. thanks to tiger genocide for the advice. however, i’m not worried about the stingy offer as i really need the experience anyways. thanks for the tips as well- if you don’t mind ill talk to you on aim later. but first, soulhadou please message me with all of the details.


Thanks guys, but I decided to try to make the logo myself. I was hoping that someone would be kind enough to make a quick logo for my online business, but that might’ve been too much to ask. Thanks anyways everyone.