Can someone make a NEC6 AV for me?

Well, I actually need 2 of them because I want one for myself.

If you know who “Eric” is on srk… The man who hosts the NEC tournaments here in philly, then you’d know that he needs a new AV badly. So I was wondering if one of you talented SRK artists could make us a cool AV for NEC6. Of course the credit will be given where it’s due because I’ll put who did it in my sig.

For Eric’s AV can you get a cool pic of bison from cv2, like him with his hand glowing or something, or even the pic that it on top of the character name when people pick C-GROOVE. Just put NEC6 in some cool font or whatever and cool animation.

For mine, just make a cool PIC of IronMan and with some cool animation to it. Make it say NEC6.

Thanks a lot!